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How Do You Get An International License?

How Do You Get An International License?

How Do You Get An International License?

International Licence or International Driving Permit (IDP) as it’s also referred to is a document recognised by several worldwide countries which allows the permit holder to drive a private motor vehicles in a specific country.

Getting an international driving licence is quite a complex process and you need to meet some criteria in order to apply.

This applies to international licence in the UK*

1. You must be 18 years and over
2. You must have a valid UK licence and not a provisional
3. An IDP works with your driving licence and doesn’t act as a replacement driving licence.
4. In some countries you may be fined for solely having an IDP
But how do I get an international driving licence? You can get an international driving licence by applying over the counter at the post office, you need to apply in person and pick up the form and fill it in. You also need to bring your full UK driving licence and proof of identity and you can get the IDP for as little as £5.50.

Where Do I need an IDP? (UK)

You need an IDP in pretty much any country that English isn’t their main language that is outside the EU, for instance if you were to travel to Germany that would be fine. Also a common question is do I need an international license in the USA? The answer to this is no, however be careful as in Florida you used to need an international license for a short period of time.

How To Get International Licence Outside The UK?

You can get an international licence outside the UK but this changes on location depending on your country, a quick google search will show you where you can apply for one it’s usually a location that you have to apply in person similar to that of the UK.

Driving On An International Licence In The UK

Check this link to see if you will require an international licence to drive within the UK Licence tool

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