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Car Hire & Babyseats

In the UK it is law to have a baby, child or booster seat depending on the size and height of the child. Therefore it’s essential that you make sure you have one even if you are hiring a car.
Here are the restrictions in regards to baby, child and booster seats.

Type Of SeatWeight
Rear Facing Baby SeatsBabies up to 13kg
Forward Or Rear Facing Baby SeatsChildren from 9 to 18kg
Forward Facing Child Car Seats (Classed As Booster Seats)Children from 15 to 25kg
Booster CushionsChildren over 22kg

After your child exceeds either 135cm in height or is 12 year old then a booster seat will no longer be required.

Don’t Book As An Extra!

This may sound very silly coming from a car hire company but we often request that you don’t book these as an extra. If at all possible we ask that you please buy your own, and the reason for this is to save you money.

Car hire companies on average charge around £10 per day for a booster/child/baby seat which can be a very expensive thing to add to the rental. If you rental exceeds a few days then we please urge you at least to consider the option of buying one instead, we realise it may be inconvenient but it also may save a significant amount on your rental.

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