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Car Hire With No Deposit

Car Hire With No Deposit

Indigo Car Hire can help you. We are proud to announce that we are now working with a supplier which enables you to have a zero deposit car hire.

Often when booking your car hire you can find a great price on the rental but then on arrival you can get stumped by a huge deposit which is held against your card for the entire length of your rental. This can often scupper plans as you may need this held money for your holidays or to spend while you have the vehicle.

Deposits usually range from £100.00 right up to £2000.00 depending on which supplier and what vehicle you require. Indigo Car Hire now works with a supplier that can provide you with a car hire with no deposit, so prepare for cheap car rental no deposit! From selected locations we can offer this deal to you and ensure that you get the best deal for your car rental including a zero deposit. So you get a fully inclusive price with no charges to worry about when you go to collect your vehicle.

In order to obtain a car hire with no deposit you would need to take out the suppliers’ insurance excess reduction which comes in at a cost of £12.00 per day. This is capped at 15 days, so if you have the vehicle longer than this, the most you will pay would be £180.00. Please note this charge is additional to the rental cost but would ensure that you get a zero excess along with a zero deposit!!

This supplier offers car hire from the following locations;

Downtown LocationsAirport Locations
Birmingham AirportLiverpool Airport
Edinburgh AirportLuton Airport
GatwickManchester Airport
Heathrow Airport
We offer this deal in several other locations worldwide these are just a list of the popular ones.

In order to get this deal with no deposit you must call our team directly as this cannot be arranged when you book online. Contact our dedicated and friendly team today to arrange your car hire with no deposit at

We also have no deposit offer on our van hire range.

We Also Offer Low Deposit Car Hire

If the above is not right for you, we also offer low deposit car hire from many locations around the UK. With this supplier, a £200 deposit is taken for the rental car and will be released after the car is returned safely. If you want more information on low deposit car hire then please click this link.

So if you cannot get to one of our zero deposit locations or do not want to pay the daily surcharge then this maybe the solution for you. This offer is from one of our national suppliers, meaning we will have a location near to you. A full list of our UK locations can be found here

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