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Car Hire Luxury Group

About Car Hire Luxury Group

We offer a range of prestige/luxury vehicles, we have a specific supplier that supplies top of the range vehicles in each and every group of vehicle. These cars are in mint condition and they get renewed every 18 months.

It’s nearly impossible to give specifications for different types of luxury vehicles as they are for different ranges so have a variety of different specs.

Here are some of the examples of luxury/prestige vehicles in our fleet that you can get your hands on today.

Range Rover Sport
Car Hire Range Rover SportThe powerful luxury Range Rover produced by Land Rover is one of the most popular SUVs in the world. It has a brilliant stream lined look to it with a modern techy interior which is comfortable and entertaining. If you hire the Range Rover Sport you will have one of the best driving experiences you can have.


Land Rover Discovery
Car Hire Land Rover DiscoveryThe luxury 4×4 in recent years has been becoming more and more coveted as the new facelift has done it some real justice. A silky new look brings it a nice leather interior with a fantastic finish, tons of leg room and a very prestigious feel. Although not the best off road you can drive on road in style with the discovery.

Audi A8 Quattro
Car Hire Audi A8 QuattroOne of Audi’s best cars, a full size luxury sedan, the Quattro in the name just means that the standard A8 is all-wheel drive. Backed by a powerful engine, fantastic comfort and a great drive you can go anywhere in the A8 in style.


Jaguar XF
Car Hire Jaguar XFA British car and the replacement for the famous S-Type, it lives up to the name believe me. There are various different models of this available with different engines, all with a vicious kick that you expect from a Jaguar. The XF has received tons of praise with great reviews even from the Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkston.

Porsche Cayenne
Car Hire Porsche CayenneThis five seat luxury mid-size crossover is of German decent beginning in 2002 the Cayenne has been a major competitor in the prestige SUV category contenting with the likes of the Range Rover Sport. On top of all that it holds the Porsche badge, one of the best SUVs in the current market, it won’t let you down.