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Winter Car Hire

If you find yourself in need of a hire car in winter then we at Indigo can help. Winter car hire can be difficult to arrange simply because of availability. Winter (apart from Christmas) tends to be the quiet time of year for a lot of suppliers so they tend to decrease their fleet levels, meaning there are less vehicles available for those who need them. We work with so many suppliers, we have access to thousands of vehicles so no matter where in the country you are, we will be able to help.

Another problem that causes issues for hire car suppliers is the weather, when the bad weather such as snow and ice hits, it makes it very difficult to deliver vehicles to customers or even their own locations. This tends to be when the phones light up as everyone has the same idea and wants to hire a vehicle with four wheel drive.

Winter car hire is not always something that people expect they will need, it could be a last minute business trip or your own vehicle being off the road which raises the need to hire one. This cannot be helped and we will do all we can to assist you if you find yourself without a vehicle. If you are planning a trip through the winter months, whether it be at home or abroad then we strongly advise booking your hire car well in advance. Leaving it until the last minute will inevitably leave two outcomes, 1. there will be no vehicles available or 2. the vehicles available are very expensive. So don’t leave it to chance and contact us with your enquiry today.

Winter Car Hire Accessories

Aside from the difficulties in arranging a vehicle, driving in winter poses very obvious issues, so we can arrange winter car hire accessories which will help when driving in bad conditions.

Snow Tyres

Snow tyres/winter tyres give significantly improved handling and reduce stopping distances when the weather is below 7°C and wet as well as when roads are covered in snow and ice. Snow tyres can be mandatory in some countries at certain times of the year. Always make sure you are aware of the driving rules at your destination before you travel.

Snow Chains

Snow chains are available at selected locations, although they are not compulsory but they can be hired with your rental cars. Snow chains are attached to tyres to provide better grip in snow or icy conditions. They must be fitted in pairs and they are usually fitted to the drive wheels of the vehicle.

Ski Racks

If you are planning to go for a ski holiday then you will need a ski rack to hold your skis. Ski racks generally hold up to 6 sets of skis plus poles. Ski racks are not available for every rental, only certain vehicles can have them attached. Always check before booking.

For more information about Winter Car Hire, or in any location Worldwide, please contact us via email on

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 by Pallett
Snowbound in Dublin

I can't recommend this company strongly enough. Due to the previous closure of Dublin Airport due to snow my flight from Sydney was disrupted. I actually arrived 2 days earlier than my expected date Into deep snow. I called the Indigo 24 hr service line at 4am to leave a v/m and within 1 minute got a phone call back from Cherie who I had clearly woken up. "No problem, that's what I am here for was the reply to my sincere apology, I'll call you at 9am when I get to the office and your car will be available by 10am today." She called at 9am and the car was ready by 10am. Great service in difficult circumstances.