Guaranteed 4×4 Vehicles In The UK

Whilst you’ve always had the option of hiring large SUV’s before in the UK, it was always impossible to know for sure whether you would get a guaranteed 4×4 on arrival or not. It was basically all up to whether the supplier had one when you got there.

This is obviously not ideal, especially if you’re going using the vehicle off-road or perhaps looking for a safer vehicle to drive during winter when a 4×4 makes life much easier! We have managed to team up with one of our suppliers to offer you guaranteed 4×4 SUV hire across the UK, available at all major airports and cities.

4×4 Rental Locations

Euston Station
Park Lane
Waterloo Station
Russell Square
York Train Station

What sort of 4×4’s do you stock?

Here is a small list with a few examples we stock, but this is not at all exhaustive:

These all fit into the three different ranges that we offer – Small, Large and Executive SUV’s.

Can I hire a 4×4 with points / convictions on my licence?

Yes – as long as you only have one major conviction (e.g. DR10 etc.) then this won’t be a problem at all, even if the conviction is less than a year old. Feel free to look at our page here for more info on hiring with points also.

Do I have to leave a huge deposit on my card?

Not at all – on the 4×4’s the deposit ranges between £200.00 and £500.00 as the maximum, depending on the size of car and location you are hiring from. Most other suppliers would require upwards of a £1000 deposit hold on your card for the hire – even more so on premium SUV’s / 4×4’s!

I’ve just received my licence, am I still able to hire a 4×4?

Yes – providing you have actually received the physical photocard this is fine, even if you’ve only had it for a couple of days! The only restriction is that you must be over 25 for this option (30 for the larger SUV’s). There’s no extra charge for this either – just take a look at our blog post here for more info.

To top it all off as well, we have a special offer available where you can get a free additional driver on any 4×4 hire in the UK. Just make sure you call / email us before booking online so that you can take advantage of this.