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Young Driver Car Hire Stansted Airport

Are you looking to hire a car at Stansted airport but your under the age of 25? On this page we explore your car hire options & what the minimum age you can hire a car is.

young driver car hire Stansted AirportYoung driver car hire can be a tricky subject to get your head around as its different for every single age and every supplier, however we have managed to bring you some great deals with various different suppliers that we have arranged. All these deals are in attempt to get you the best offer no matter what your age is.

Another issue is young driver fees which can be an incredible daily amount on top of the price of your rental. Indigo have always looked at ways in reducing young drivers fees and we have many offers and deals in place to get you the minimum prices available to make your rental more affordable as we know sometimes it can be hard particularly for young customers to be able to make those payments.

What Is The Minimum Age For Car Hire?

When you’re looking to hire a car at Stansted Airport there are a few requirements you need to fulfil as a young driver which include:

  • 21+ years old
  • There will be a young driver additional daily surcharge if you are under 25
  • You need to have held your licence for at least a year
  • Points on your licence may make it more complicated

Cars Available For Young Drivers To Hire

As a young driver you are limited to what cars you are able to hire at Stansted Airport and typically you will only be able to get vehicles within the “Mini”, “Economy” or “Compact” range. These include vehicles like:

  • Toyota IQ
  • Fiat 500
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Ford Focus
  • Hyundai i30

Our Offers

What about if I’m 21-23?
Again yes you can but you must have 1 year driving experience in order to hire which is a big difference from 3 years.

Can you do any deals if I’m between the ages of 23-24?
We can offer you car hire and because you are older the young drivers surcharge will be significantly lower.

If you are a young driver and want to hire a car then you MUST CALL our reservation agents as if you book online we can’t insure that you will get the supplier that will hire to your age, we need to make sure everything is tailored to you.

Young Driver FAQs

Q: I’m a new driver, can I hire a car?
As a new driver you will not be able to hire a car, you must have held your licence for at least a year.

Q: Can I hire a car if I’m under 25 and have points on my licence?
Yes it is possible, but it limits your options when it comes to trying to find the best possible deal as you will only be accepted by a limited amount of suppliers.

Q: As a young driver can I hire with a debit card?
Yes, as long as it’s a visa debit card, but this again will limit the amount of suppliers who can rent to you. You can find out more about this on our debit card car hire page.

Q: What is the young driver surcharge?
Typically around the UK, Stansted included, the additional daily surcharge is around £30-40 per day on top of the cost of your rental.

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