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Car Hire With JCB Card

Car Hire With JCB Card

Car Hire With JCB Card
Car hire without a credit card can be an utter nightmare! Majority of car hire companies on a worldwide scale only accept the use of credit cards due to it being the easiest form of payment to take and arguably the most reliable, for them at least. We are always looking for ways around this as credit cards are problematic for customers as many people don’t have them or just don’t want to use them due to the spiral of debt they can land you in. We have come up with many different methods of payment in the past as alternatives to using a credit card such as we can now accept debit cards, Mastercard’s and on very rare occasions we can also accept cash.

Japan Credit Bureau

These all in their own rights have been breakthroughs for us as it has meant that a much wider audience of people have been able to hire cars and without having to constantly worry about debt amongst other things. In looking for different payment options however we overlooked the use of credit cards, we were always trying to find an alternative but there was also issues in regards to which credit cards where accepted as well.

One of the main issued we repeatedly kept seeing is people not being allowed to use their JCB card. The JCB card is a credit card issued from a Tokyo based company called the Japan Credit Bureau, despite the name and its location it is an increasingly popular card in the UK and the rest of the world with its English trade name being JCB Co., Ltd.

We can now happily announce that we can accept car hire with JCB card in several locations worldwide including majority of the locations within the UK. If you are wanting to hire a car using a JCB card then please call us directly on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at we will answer all your questions and get you a car booked with a great price and amazing deals.

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