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young driver car hire

Due to recent changes in some of our suppliers policy, it’s harder for us to arrange car hire for all types of vehicles with no additional fees for young drivers. The minimum age for drivers in UK  who can hire a car is now 21 years old.
However Indigo is still offering Young Drivers Car Hire with No Additional Charges. For this service please check out our TOP OFFER PAGE.

When it comes to hiring a vehicle, most suppliers will only hire to those over the age of 25, if you are under 25 it can be extremely hard to get a rental vehicle. Some suppliers do hire to those under the age of 25 but generally charge a high young driver fee.

We can also now allow young driver car hire with no deposit! Click here for more details.

young driver car hireWhat is the minimum age to hire a vehicle?

Here at Indigo our minimum age requirement to hire a vehicle is:
– in UK: 21 years old
– abroad the minimum age is 20, however please note in very few locations we can accept people who are 18 or over.
This minimum age requirements are also depending on the vehicle as well for example for 7 seater car hire in UK you must be 25 or older.

Can a 20 year old hire a vehicle?

Due to many changes in our suppliers policies we do not offer any more car rental for 20 years old drivers in UK . However this applies only to UK Car Hire and we still offer this option for most of the European countries. Please note you MUST contact us directly in order to check this. This options is NOT available online!

Can a 21 year old hire a vehicle?

If you are 21 years old then we may be able to assist you if you need to hire a vehicle. This depends on the amount of time you have held your license for, whether you have any points or convictions on your license and from which location you want a vehicle.

Do you charge extra for young drivers?

All of the prices on our website do not include any young driver fees; this is in addition to the cost of the rental. If you are under the age of 25 then you must contact us directly to find out the options. If you are between the ages of 23-24 then depending upon the location we can offer young driver car hire with no additional charge. This is subject to availability and depends on where you are wanting the vehicle from.

Here is a list of the various locations in which we offer car hire with no surcharge for 23-24 year olds

Aberdeen AirportGlasgowNorthwich
BishopbriggsGlasgow AirportPerth
CumbernauldInverness AirportPrestwick Airport
Dundee AirportLivingstonStirling
East KilbrideManchester AirportSouthampton
Edinburgh AirportWoodford Green
We also offer this in several more locations across the UK so please just enquire in order to find out if we have your this deal in your location!

Is there an extra charge for being a young driver when booking online?

When booking online if you are under the age of 25 you must check the terms and conditions as young driver fees are not included in the online rate. If you are under 25 and need to hire a vehicle then contact Indigo directly.

If you are a young driver under 25 you must call us directly to clarify that you are permitted to drive a hire car. Failure to do this may result in additional charges. Speak with our friendly team to ensure you get the best deal on your young driver car hire.


How much is your young driver surcharge?
This completely depends on your location and age, it can range from free to as much as £39/p day. We will always try and find you the best deal possible regarding this.
I am 23 right now and i have got a international driving permit. Would i be able to hire a car?
The answer to this is yes however you need to of held your domestic licence for a year prior to hiring
Can I Rent A Car If I’m 21?
Yes, we have suppliers around the country that can help.
Can I Hire A Car With No Young Driver Additional Fees?
Depending on your age and driving experience yes
What Age Do You Have To Be To Rent A Car In The USA?
We have suppliers that can offer rental to 21 year olds
As A Young Driver How Long Do You Need To Of Held Your Licence Before Hiring?
All suppliers will require you to have held your full licence for at least 1 year
Just Passed My Test Can I Hire A Car?
Unfortunately you will need to wait until you have been driving 12 months
How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Car In The UK?
We can offer hire cars to people from the age of 20 with some suppliers
I Have Points And I’m A Young Driver Can I Hire?
This would depend on your age, number of points and what they are for
I’m Under 25 Can I Hire A Car?
Quick answer is yes, but it does depend on your circumstances
Can I Rent A Car If I’m 20?
We do not offer car hire for the 20 years old drivers in UK.
Does It Cost More To Rent A Car If You’re Under 25?
Some suppliers do have surcharges, others do not. This does depend on your circumstances
Is There Any Discounts For Under 25 Young Drivers?
We do have suppliers that do no add a surcharge but this does have other conditions
How Long Do I Need To Have Had My Licence If I’m Under 25?
The minimum is 1 year depending on your age, if you are 21 then its 1 year
I’m Under 23 Can I Hire A Car?
Yes we can help, but you do have to meet certain other requirements
I Passed My Test Recently Can I Rent A Car?
Not until you have held your licence for at least 12 months
24 years old any car rental companies where i do not have to pay a young driver surcharge
Yes we have a supplier that do not add a surcharge if you are 23 or 24
anyone no where i can rent a car in manchester aged 20
We do not have suppliers in Manchester that can help
anywhere in liverpool that rents car to under 25
yes we have a local supplier that can hire to anyone age 20 or above
anywhere rent vans to 21 year olds in paisley
Unfortunately all suppliers require you to be at least 23 years old
are there any car hire comapnies where you can be under 21
No, 21 is our minimum age with some suppliers
at what age can you hire a car in the uk
The minimum age to hire a car in the UK is 21
at what age can you rent a car in england
The minimum age to hire a car in England is 21

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Apr 29, 2015 by Llywelyn James

EXCELLENT! I really appreciated the team's help in finding a car for my 6 day trip. Happy to recommend!

Car Hire

Sep 16, 2014 by Ricky Hayward

Excellent service Cherie was fantastic and so helpful in meeting all aspects of my requirements could not of wished for anymore. As an under 25 driver the service and prices are exceptional and I would recommend their services as I really do not believe their excellent customer service competative prices can be beaten. Have used their services twice so far and will be returning again. Thank you Cherie for all your Help.

May 18, 2014 by Kelvin

Cherie has been a wonderful advisor and a great help when it comes to finding the right car for an under-25 driver. she even recommended me places to stay and tips. Definitely will recommend this to my friends and surely ill be back for more rentals!

Great service, thanks Indigo!

Jan 10, 2014 by Julie

I found Indigo to be an excellent option as an under-25 driver. Cherie was so helpful, and quickly and easily booked a car that exactly suited my needs. I'll definitely use Indigo again!

Sep 25, 2013 by Cyril Barthelme

I really appreciated thoroughly my experience with you! I already recommended you to many friends being below 25. I'm sure you'll see me back!

5 out 5 without hesitations!

Indigo Car Hire , USA 5.0 5.0 6 6 EXCELLENT! I really appreciated the team's help in finding a car for my 6 day trip. Happy to recommend!