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Debit Card Car Hire Worldwide

We can now happily announce that in selected locations we can accept Mastercard Debit Cards as well as Visa Debit Cards! Call to Find out if your location accepts Mastercards (All our debit card locations accept Visa Debit)!

Car hire without a credit card can prove tricky as many rental companies operate a credit card only policy and we are one of the very few car hire companies that accept debit cards. Here at Indigo car hire we are proud to make our services available to as many people as possible. As such we have made arrangements with some of our suppliers that will allow our customers to debit card car hire if they are based in the UK and many other locations across the world.

Renting a car with a debit card has never been easier, you simply contact Indigo car hire, explain your requirements and we will find you the right supplier for you. We’ll do all the leg work!!

We can also now announce that we accept Debit Card Van Hire.

Debit Card Car Hire Worldwide

If you are hiring a car with a debit card worldwide then watch this video before doing so!

Or if you are looking to hire with a debit card in the UK watch this video!

Car Hire Without A Credit Card

Most worldwide car hire companies insist on drivers providing a major credit card for a security swipe on arrival and don’t accept debit cards. We understand that not everyone has a credit card and wanted to make sure we can assist you with your requirements.  We can accept most major debit cards across most of our vehicle groups meaning a wider choice of vehicles to suit your needs.

When hiring your vehicle through Indigo car hire we advise two forms of identification are provided upon collection of the vehicle in addition to your credit or debit card you need to produce your full drivers licence, it’s important to note that if you hold a two part licence both the photocard and counterpart have to be produced for it to be considered a full licence. A second form of identification is also required and this would be either a recent utility bill and/or passport.

Car Hire With A Debit CardCar hire without a credit cardCar hire without a credit card

Give us a call today to see what car hire without a credit card we can arrange for you.

We can supply car hire without a credit card in a variety of different locations worldwide, such as car hire in Spain, France, Holland, and Italy. Not all of our rental suppliers accept debit cards and it should be made clear to the reservations agent you do not hold a credit card before booking. Not all types of debit card are accepted some exclusions are Visa Electron and Solo amongst others. It is important you confirm your debit card is acceptable for UK Car Hire before booking. Unfortunately we can only place debit card bookings over the phone and not via the website. Please call our call centre on 0113 2899279 for assistance.

One of the debit cards that we have had real issues with is a Santander Visa Debit Card which you can find more information on here. Some other popular cards that we accept are Lloyds TSB, HSBC Premiere, Natwest Debit Card, Barclays connect debit card and many more.

When using a debit card the supplier may ask to freeze a certain value of funds to cover the excess and to ensure the safe return of the vehicle. These deposits can vary so please check prior to booking. If you are unsure at any point one of our dedicated experienced rental agents will be more than happy to help.

How to book a Hire Car With A Debit Card

Booking debit card car hire is only available over the phone on +44 113 28 99 279 or via email on All Bookings through our website require a credit card in the drivers name.

We are always trying to add to our debit card locations so if you don’t happen to be able to find your location in the table listed below please let us know and we will try and contact certain suppliers at that location in order to arrange you a deal. We work our hardest in order to get you the car hire you deserve for a low price, people rely on car hire for their holidays so don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Debit Card Locations

MoroccoSouth Africa

I live in Ireland but want to come over to Holyhead by ferry as a foot passenger and hire a car in Holyhead for a day using my visa debit card. Is this possible?
We can confirm that this is acceptable.
I am trying to rent a car, but neither my fiancee or me have credit cards, we only have debit cards and want to hire a car at Stansted. Is it possible to rent a car without being able to show a credit card then?
Yes this is possible as long as the debit cards has raised numbers and is in the drivers name then this shouldn’t be an issue.
Hi, I’m looking to rent a car from the 12th oct for 2 days at cork airport. I’m 24 years old and don’t hold a credit card only a debit card.I would like a ford focus or something similar.Can you give me a price as its saying there will be a fee at Cork airport as i’m under 25??
This depends on your driving experience but we do have suppliers at Cork Airport with offers of young driver and debit card car hire.
can i hire a car if i don’t have a credit card
yes depending on the location you wish to collect from
can i rent a car if no credit card uk
we have many locations in the Uk where this is possible
can i use a debit card to hire a car at cardiff airport
yes we have a supplier at cardiff airport that allows this
can i use a debit card when i hire a car in the uk?
yes but only with certain supplier
do you have to have a credit card when booking hire cars in spain
no not all the time, we work closely with a company that doesnt require a credit card
do you need to show a credit card when hiring a car in bristol
no we have a supplier that will accept payment by debit card
how much do i have to pay when i rent a car with a debit card
the same as if you were using a credit card
if i dont have a credit card can i hire a car in the uk?
yes you can. We can arrange this all over the UK
is there a car hire company in the uk where u dnt need a credit card
yes we work with a couple of suppliers that offer this
looking for a car hire in italy who don’t swipe credit cards
we work with a company that allows this but only from certain locations

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Excellent Customer Service

Mar 25, 2015 by Karen Byrne

I use Indigo regularly for debit card car hire in Ireland and always find the staff a pleasure to deal with.
They have checked to see if prices have been reduced since my booking and let me re-book, saving me £50.
Whether I deal with them via email or over the phone, I have never once felt like the staff don't want to do their best for me.
Even if I do get a credit card in the future, I can't imagine using any other company for my car hire needs. Thank you!

Only hire company i would ever use

Mar 14, 2015 by marion

I am a Brit living in Canada and had to go home for a family funeral., I was a little bit "suspicious" of their claim that you can use a debit card. There was some initial confusion regarding the amount of deposit required, Indigo said 200 pounds but when I called the car rental company at Gatwick they wanted 1000 pounds. Fortunately Indigo sorted this we took a chance and booked.
When we arrived at Gatwick I was still uneasy, but the process was very simple and they took a 250 UK pounds deposit on my debit card...and I got the car!
Car was returned one week later and I my money was back in my account about 2 business days later. I would never ever use another car rental company. These guys are genuine and provide a great service.

5 star!!

Feb 13, 2015 by Zoe Winston

I have hired twice through Indigo and I'm about to make another booking! Hired in France and the UK with only a debit card, no problems, swift booking process and great prices. Highly recommended!!

best hire car service ever

Jan 12, 2015 by Kayla Justice

not only do they do very inexpensive car hire, they have a debit card service for those without credit cards, AND their staff are incredibly helpful and efficient. We go to France a few times a year, it has saved us a fortune, and a lot of grief. Can't recommend them highly enough.


Mar 26, 2014 by Brendan Keeley

Hi Just to say a huge \"Thank you\" to all at Indigo, specially Ann Marie Trivett for her very friendly assistance in hiring a car with my debit card! Up until now it was impossible for me to hire a car without a credit card, I am delighted with your fantastic service! Thank you so much! I will be booking again soon
Brendan keeley

Indigo Car Hire , USA 4.9 5.0 18 18 I use Indigo regularly for debit card car hire in Ireland and always find the staff a pleasure to deal with. They have checked to see if prices have been reduced since my booking