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Car Hire 4×4 Group

Car Hire 4×4 Group

Why Choose A 4×4 In Winter?
As you may have seen the alerts, Britain is to be hit by one of the worst winters in history in terms of snow. No matter where you are hiring in the world the snow can be dangerous and in order to tackle that danger to the best of your ability you should hire a 4×4, they are the best cars around at tackling the harsh conditions and will get you from A to B even if the roads are frozen and covered in snow. Besides that it can also be dangerous to drive smaller cars so you may seriously want to consider 4x4s, due to the conditions over winter they are an extremely popular type of car so the longer you leave it there are only two real outcomes, all 4x4s are either booked or far too expensive. The only way you are going to get your hands on one is if you book well in advance!

4×4 are quite a specialist type of vehicle but lucky we have a lot of them in stock but you must hire them fast as they are always in high demand. 4x4s are suitable for a long and comfortable journey on rough terrain, the extra space also makes luggage easier to carry and not in the way. Bear in mind it can be quite expensive to run a 4×4 so the fuel may cost a higher figure than most others classes of vehicles.
The average specifications for a 4×4 which in parts are advisory are…

Passengers: 5-7 Passengers

Suitable Amount Of Luggage: 3 Large Cases

Doors: 5 Doors

Transmission: Manual or Automatic

AC Equipped/CD Player/Sat Nav optional

Fuel: Diesel or Petrol

Some of the example cars in this group include….

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI
Volkswagen TiguanA sleek and sporty sized 4×4 with a great design. It also carries the very popular and reliable manufacturer name Volkswagen which always helps. The car is stylish and powerful good for on and off road activities.


Toyota RAV 4 2.2
Toyota Rav 4An impressive heritage behind it, can it live up to the challenge? It most certainly can, it has a street smart design, sporty handing and versatility. It’s both rough and luxurious at the same time and is suitable for on and off road as well it is a 4×4.


Honda CR-V 2.2
Honda CRVThe enormously successful car that requires a minimal effort to drive, with its smooth four wheel drive system making it have decent ability for most users. Its not the best off road car but it makes up for it with its executive design both inside and out.


Land Rover Discovery 3.0
land-rover-discoveryThe huge Land Rover Discovery, it’s perfectly stylish and capable equipped with seating suitable for 7 adults, the car is unique and has great off-roading abilities as well as a luxury on road experience. Land Rover Discovery is truly a top of the range 4×4 car suitable for anything you want to do.


Porsche Cayenne 3.0 V6

Porsche. Have I said enough? This is one of Porsches bestselling models and rightfully so with an impressive performance and exceptional handling it’s suitable for even the toughest challenges. The way to describe the Cayenne is really your Car Hire Porsche Cayennestandard 4×4 has met the power of Porsche.


BMW X5 3.0

The midsized luxury SUV made by BMW, keeping with the standard mean BMW design they have increased the size of their standard range so that they are suitable for 4 wheel drive. The spacious BMW bring power and sport to the 4×4 BMW X5occasion.



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