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Car Hire Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

Car Hire Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

Back in 1986 terminal 4 was opened at Heathrow Airport costing a total of £200 million to be built and now is undergoing an upgrade at the same cost to increase the amount of airlines it can accommodate. This in mind it’s going to make the terminal very busy with the potential of more passengers, shops and worst of all car hire companies, the reason I say this is because its already confusing as it is with all the terms and conditions and various extras that you have to navigate through to find yourself the best price suited to you.

Let Indigo Car Hire handle it for you, we will take care of everything and find you the best deals available at the time for T4, we compare all the best prices for you and find you the overall best deal then further apply our various discounts and offers too it in order to make car hire easy for you.

Easy Yet Affordable
Hiring a car in a terminal that sees 10 million passengers a year can be a daunting task, we like to make it easy for our customers by doing all the leg work for them and we also do this at the best price possible. We have arranged many deals in the past in order to complete this mission for you, some of our successful offers include….

Young Driver Car Hire
Under 25? Then the simple fact is that unfortunately it’s going to be very hard to get a hired vehicle as most companies won’t allow for you to do so. We have however managed to arrange a deal with one of them that means young drivers from the age of 21 given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring are accepted by one supplier.

Meet and Greet
This is possible our most convenient offer if T4 really confuses you. We offer a free meet and greet service at terminal 4 which means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to find the car hire desks and then getting on a shuttle bus, near the exit of the terminal a driver will be waiting with your name on a board to take you to your car that’s just outside.

No Deposit Car Hire
Plane ticket, hotel, hired car and holiday funds it can all get a little expensive so the last thing you want is a massive deposit that you have blocked on your card for the duration, unfortunately that’s the case with car hire. Don’t worry however we have managed to arrange a deal which means that you can hire a car with no deposit, we also have a backup offer of low deposit if the no deposit supplier is showing no availability.

Debit Card Car Hire
Hiring a car without a credit card can be a hard task at terminal 4 as well as anywhere else. We can announce however that we have managed to negotiate an offer with a supplier that means you can use your debit card to hire a car at this location. Your debit card however must meet the restrictions that are in place.