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St Gemmas Hospice Leeds


Over the years the team at Indigo Car Hire have been involved in many fund raising events like running, rowing, walking climbing and cycling. We have raised small amounts of money for various charities and this year have decided to name one charity that will benefit from our efforts.

The decision was made because we would like to make more of a contribution to a charity that is close to us here in the office, we asked all staff members to come up with one and St Gemmas Hospice was the popular choice.

We have targeted ourselves with raising £2000 this year and already have some events planned but are always looking for things to get involved with.

St Gemmas Hospice

First Donation Total
After our recent donation of the bags above we added the total amount that the donation equaled onto our thermometer
The total we have raised so far is £435.
We are well on our way to reaching our £2000 target!

Second Donation
We made our second donation to St Gemma’s Today 05/08/2013
The total is £550 on the thermometer.

Third Donation
On the 15/09/2013 our director Matt ran the Great North Run with the completion time of 2:01. As sponsorship of this race he managed to raise £230 bringing our total to £780, almost half way to our £2000 total goal!

Fourth Donation
We have been busy doing a variety of things for St Gemmas recently, Ann-Marie has been busy baking enough cakes to make a fortress with possibly setting an impossible task to sell them all, however our new team member Laura stepped up to the plate and managed to sell them all to our neighbors here in the Business centre. Matt and Cherie have also been busy donating some of their old unwanted items raising further money on top of which they made a £25 donation, all of this together has added a huge £163.20 to our total bringing Indigo closer to their target having raised a total of £943.20 almost half way there.

Fifth Donation
Over the Christmas we handed in our little donation tub that has been left around the office for picking up coppers. This still unfortunately came to just below the £1,000 mark, since it was a goal we have been wanting to achieve for a while Matt Carter donated the extra, so we can happily announce that we have made it half way on our journey to £2,000!!

31/01/2014 – £1,000 – What a great way to celebrate the new year!

Sixth Donation
Matt has again completed the Leeds Half Marathon in a time of 2.09. He has raised a further £93 which we will add to the total and update you all when we have a figure.

We have been collecting our coppers and donating them to the charity box in which we have just managed to fill. We are yet to hear back on a total so we can add it to our goal thermometer of £2000 but as soon as we know we will let you know.

Seventh Donation
Cherie and Ann-Marie signed up for the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k run. they both completed the run in good time and smashed their target of raising £150 for St Gemmas. A total of £190 was raised. Well done to the girls.

Eighth Donation
Indigo Car Hire donated £250 to St Gemmas Hospice towards the Yorkshire Marathon! We brought the total to £1500; we are getting closer and closer to our goal of £2000 !!!