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Helsinki Airport 4×4 Car Hire

Helsinki Airport 4x4 Car Hire

Helsinki Airport 4×4 Car Hire

Why Hire a 4×4 at Helsinki Airport?
Finland’s main international airport, Helsinki airport is located next to some great ski slopes which is majority of the reason people fly in. As you may or may not know Finland can get very cold and often the roads are covered by snow and ice, so in order to avoid the dangers on the road you should hire a 4×4 as they are 4 wheel drive. As well as adequately tackling the road surface 4x4s also provide you with a lot of space for whatever equipment you may have including enough space for winter sports equipment.

Popular 4x4s
There are always those vehicles that are much popular than the others, it’s the same with 4x4s at Helsinki. We regularly get requests for all types of vehicles however the most popular by far are…
-Mitsubishi Pajero
-Volkswagen Tiguan
-Ford Kuga
-Volvo XC90

Our 4×4 Offers
We have managed to arrange several offers in the past for different types of hired vehicles and when it comes to 4 by 4s at Helsinki it isn’t an exception. Some of the best offers that we have for this include…

Free Additional Driver
When you’re going on holiday and hiring a car then you will maybe expect to be the only driver for the full rental period which can become really tedious. Not when you book with Indigo Car Hire however, we have managed to arrange a deal that means you can get a free additional driver completely free of cost given that they of course meet the rental restrictions in place. If you want to add a free second driver then please click this link.

Debit Card Car Hire
If you don’t have a credit card then you are really going to struggle to hire a car because it’s the only real payment option that they accept. Again however Indigo have arranged a deal that can allow you to hire a car with a debit card given that it meets the restrictions that we have in place. If you want more information on debit card car hire then please click this link.

Low Deposit Car Hire
After paying for your flights and getting to your destination ready to have a good holiday the last thing you want is for your budget to be cut into by a large deposit. A deposit is held for the period of the rental and can be quite a significant amount, when you book with Indigo Car Hire however we can keep your deposit to an absolute minimum. If you are interested in the deal we have for a low deposit car hire then please click this link.

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