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Car Hire Optional Extras

Car Hire Optional Extras

When it comes to hiring a car let’s face it, it can be quite an expensive thing to do but sometimes the addition of optional extras is essential inevitably bumping up the price. We try make this as painless as possible and get you the best overall price with everything included, the cost depends purely on what extra you are adding to the rental.

Some extras are essential such as baby seats if you are carrying a small child on your journey, Satellite Navigation if you are somewhere unknown to you and even an extra driver to an extent if for whatever reason you can’t drive for the full duration.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well that is entirely up to what extra you purchase, you can find out more information above on the specific extras.

Our View On Optional Extras

We don’t go for the typical car hire companies approach when you want to add an extra, we won’t try and sell you and extra unless you are certain that you need it. We will advise other options because at times for example a GPS may cost around £5-10/per day but buying one is only around the £50-70 so if you have a long enough hire duration it may be more worthwhile buying one instead. The same goes for a lot of the optional extras and we will always advice the best option for your unique situation.
We tailor our services to you here at Indigo Car Hire and always aim on getting you the best overall price for your no matter what, this is inclusive of optional extras.

When Do You Add An Extra?

You have the option, you can guarantee the adding of the extra in the booking process here with us or you can also book one when you arrive to collect the car however that’s when it is passed onto the supplier that we have booked you with and we will not be able to guarantee that you can get the extra unless you book in advance.

Contact Us

If you are wanting to find the best deal or just want further information regarding car hire and adding optional extras to the rental then please call us directly, you can reach our professional and experienced reservation team on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at [email protected] and they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.