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Car Hire Tunis Carthage Airport

Car Hire Tunis Carthage Airport

Tunis Airport is the premier airport of Tunisia and is also referred to as Carthage International Airport. Tunis Airport acts as the base of operation for four airlines namely Nouvelair Tunisia, Tunisair, Tunisavia and Sevenair.

Being the premier airport in the country, Tunis Airport serves more than a million passengers a year. The airport is conveniently located four miles from Tunis. It is also the only airport which is located near the famous Carthage City, a favourite tourist site for history lovers. Tunis Airport boasts of top notch facilities which are constantly serviced and upgraded to meet the needs of the ever growing number of passengers. These facilities enable passengers to have a holistic experience while using the airport.

The growing number of passengers brings with it many opportunities for retail businesses and travel companies alike and there as been a steady growth of car hire suppliers wanting to operate from Tunis Airport.

Debit Card Car hire Tunis Carthage Airport

We have managed to secure a supplier based at Tunis Airport that will allow our customers to pay using a debit card, this is quite un-common in Tunisia so we are very happy to have arranged this deal. The only additional requirement is that a cash deposit of 1500 Tunisian Dinar (approx 700 Euro) which is returned when the vehicle is returned is required before the vehicle can be checked out.

Tunis Young Driver Car Hire

We now also offer young driver car hire from the age of 21 at Tunis Carthage airport, this is given that you have two years driving experience. As part of this you will also be subject to an additional daily fee however we will still try and find you the best price possible, there is a lot of information on young driver car hire you must read before you come to hire a car when you are below the age of 25 so if you want to find out further information about young driver car hire then please don’t hesitate to contact us via call or email.