Sacramento Airport Debit Card Car Rental

Indigo Car Hire just got in touch with one of our respected suppliers and we are happy to announce that we offer Sacramento Airport Debit Card Car Rental. So if you are in Sacramento Airport and want to rent a car and you don’t have a credit card, Indigo car Hire can help you. We all know that renting a car without a credit card is very difficult and not too many companies are able to provide this type of service.

Sacramento Airport Debit Card Car Rental Conditions

The Sacramento Airport Debit Card Car Rental Conditions, are (as usual) easy to be met by anyone. There are few conditions that apply to this type of offer, but nothing that can’t be easily done. One of the conditions is that the person who is renting the car, should provide the return flight details to the supplier desk, when they go to pick up the car.
The deposit that apply to this type of rental is equal to the value of the rental + 10%. So if your rental value will be $300, the deposit will be $330.
To check if your card meets the requirements of the supplier, please contact our team via call or email.

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Sacramento is the capital city of California and one of the most historic cities on the west coast. Located between the Bay Area, the Napa wine country, Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada mountains, Sacramento is one of California’s most popular destinations. Sacramento is also in America’s coolest cities top 15 made by Forbes.

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