Cyprus an all inclusive holiday destination – Travelling Diary

Strong essences are kept in small bottles. This is Cyprus: a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that has something unique to offer for each of us! Sea lovers, mountain lovers, good food lovers, history and mythology lovers, hikers and bikers you’ll all find a home in this little paradise.
There are two important questions to ask when planning a vacation to Cyprus: where to go and when to go? Cyprus has a subtropical climate with very mild winters and warm to hot summers. If you’re chasing the beach, hot summers are the perfect time for you. If you’re interested more in visiting the archaeological sites from the historic old towns and villages and meet the Cypriot hospitality you should probably visit Cyprus during the spring or autumn when the temperature is mild and enjoyable. You could visit Troodos Mountains, too. This is the only period when you can see its villages, its painted churches and monasteries in a fresh green landscape. If you’re more like a snow lover, visit the Troodos Mountains during the winter because with a bit of luck, snow is possible.

Hire a car in Cyprus is an easy process

All right! So you got there! Travelling to Cyprus is very easy to everyone. Many major airline companies provide frequent flights, especially during the summer period, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you either. Unfortunately one of the first things you should know at your arrival is that public transportation in Cyprus is not quite great despite the fact that the country is very small: it measures 240 kilometres (149 mi) long from end to end and 100 kilometres (62 mi) wide. This is actually a result of the fact that almost everyone in Cyprus drives a car. And that would be probably the best solution for you, too if you want to be sure you won’t spend 3 hours changing 2-3 buses to go from a specific point in town A to another point in town B. Renting a car is handy, very affordable and give you the freedom to hold Cyprus in the palms of your hands. Hire a car in Cyprus with Indigo is now very easy due a large number of locations all over the island which includes: Protaras, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, Famagusta, Nicosia, Paralimni and Ayia Napa. If you want to hire a car straight from the airport you can do it from both Northern Cyprus Ercan Airport, or the South part of the Island in : Larnaca Airport, Paphos Airport.

Now you’re only minutes away from the most popular beaches, restaurants, night clubs and of course, your accommodation. Don’t miss the chance of tasting this vivid island life and the spectacular sandy beaches from Agia Napa, Protaras and Paralimni. Here places like Nissi Beach or Cavo Greco are simply unforgettable. On the other hand Cyprus has to show also his wild and quiet beaches in Pafos and Akamas, ideal for those seeking relaxation. If you get close to the southwest coast in the Pafos you must visit Petra tou Romiou known as Aphrodite’s birthplace a geological formation of huge rocks. It alsowould be a pity not to visit Akamas Peninsula and the forests of Tilliria which are two of the island’s great wilderness areas. A Jeep Safari would be the best option for you if you don’t mean to miss a great adventure in this unique place on earth.
If you’re more attracted to the city life you shouldn’t postpone visiting Paphos , Limassol and Larnaka. They come with a complete sightseeing package: shops and restaurants, pretty harbours, elegant promenades, historical monuments, ancient ruins, art galleries, ancient museums all by the seaside. You should maybe end this tour with Girne (Kyrenia), the most beautiful harbour town on the island. But again, visiting all this places without giving up on your comfort at the same time, definitely requires a car.

If you are interested in hiring a car for your trip to Cyprus or anywhere in the world and need guidance in terms of vehicles or any other special requirements then our reservation agents will be happy to assist you. Contact us directly by calling +44 (0)113 880 0748 or emailing us at [email protected] and we will get right back to you.