How Long Do You Need To Have Your Licence To Rent A Car?

How long do you need to have your licence to rent a car?

So how long do you need to have your licence to rent a car? This question is not quite as easy to answer as you might expect – it actually varies quite heavily based on the supplier and the country of rental, as they all have varying terms. The vast majority though will require at least a year if not more, making it very difficult for someone who’s only recently just passed their test.

Thankfully we have managed to arrange a deal with a few suppliers to remove this limit, so as you long as you are 25+ and have received the full physical photocard then we can arrange this no matter how long you’ve held a licence for.

What locations can I rent from as a new driver?

Here’s a list of the countries that we can currently arrange rentals in for new drivers:

For each country we have branches nationwide, and the list is also continuously expanding, so feel free to ask us if you need to hire from somewhere else. For most other countries the minimum is just a year, so we can generally help anywhere at all if you’ve held it for a year.

Why are there restrictions in place at all?

It can certainly seem quite arbitrary sometimes – what’s really the difference between 11 months and 12? Well the simple answer is that it all comes down to insurance. Each supplier has separate insurance terms, so if you don’t fit these terms the insurance just won’t cover you. There are even a few countries that require more than a year, for example all rental supplier in Cyprus require at least 3 years on the licence. Thankfully this is becoming less common now and insurance terms are becoming more flexible.

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