Car Hire Ireland Over 75

One of the big issues with hiring a car in the southern part of Ireland is their upper age limit. Ireland are known for being quite strict in the car rental world in regards to age restrictions for both senior drivers and younger drivers and this applies in all their major cities including Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galeway and Drogheda as well as all the major airports. On the face of it, it seems ridiculous that car hire companies either charge an extra fee if you are over 75 or just refuse to hire to you at all, but that’s the issue we are facing.

There are however companies that do allow you to hire if you are over 75 but their restrictions regarding this are quite high, the restrictions for other companies to hire to you if you are over 75 include….

-You must prove that you drive on a regular basis

-You will need to provide a letter from your insurance company stating that you have not had an accident in the last five years and that you are currently driving

-You will also need a letter from your doctor stating that you are in sufficient health

-On top of having to have held your licence for well… a confusing amount here is their website breakdown of it. A small car they describe the licence issue as “6 years including a minimum of 2 years at full licence status”, for a medium car it is described as “10 years including a minimum of 2 years at full licence status” and for large cars “12 years including a minimum of 2 years at full licence status”

Conclusion is that it’s CONFUSING!


We also offer this service and it’s a very good improvement on the above in terms of restriction and ease, the only restrictions that we have for people over the age of 75 are….

-Our clear cut restrictions are you must have held your licence for 2 years prior to hiring.

And it’s that SIMPLE!

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