Can Rental Cars Be Driven Into Europe?

Can rental cars be driven into Europe?

A lot of people lately have been choosing to drive into Europe themselves for their holiday, rather than going through the hassle of flying – of course, it is much more beneficial to rent a car for this rather than taking your own, so you can have something that better suits your needs and the luggage you need to take.

Why not just fly instead?

There are numerous benefits to arranging your holiday this way, one of the primary ones though is avoiding the hassle of flying! It also allows you to plan your trip around the journey itself and gives you more control over your holiday. This is especially true if you need something more specialist, such as a van to help you move cross country, or a tow bar if you’re going caravanning for example. Luckily, we have recently managed to secure a deal to allow you to take a wide range of vehicles throughout almost all of Europe.

What countries am I able to drive in to?

There are surprisingly very few limitations on this, you can take it almost all European countries, either over land or ferry:

AndorraDenmarkLichtensteinSan Marino
CyprusItalyRep. of IrelandTurkey

What cars are available to take cross-border?

There are no limits on the type/size of car you can take, we’ve recently even struck a deal to allow 9-seat minivans to be taken cross border, so there are options for larger families or just those who pack heavy! We have options for more niche vehicles as well, such as 4×4’s and pickup trucks with tow bars (great for caravanning), commercial vans and a large fleet of prestige vehicles too.

What are the available pickup points?

There are pickup points all across the country for a majority of the cars, some of the more specialist vehicles are a little more limited but they are still available in almost all the major cities.

Just make sure you contact us directly if you are looking to arrange this option as it can’t be booked online, you can either call us on 01138800748, email us to [email protected] or just click the online chat button below to discuss with one of our agents.