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Senior Car Hire

senior car hire

Many people get caught out by driver age restrictions as most suppliers do not offer car hire to the over 70s or charge an extra cost for the privilege of being more mature, which even the concept of this we find quite ridiculous, therefore we set out to do something about it and help our senior citizens get the car hire that they deserve.

As the human race begins to live longer and healthier lives, we have seen an increase in people of a ‘certain age’ with the urge to travel which includes the use of a hire car.

Whether it be finally getting to see that place you have always wanted to or travelling to see friends and family, the use of a hire car for those over 70 is important.

Car Hire For Over 70′s

Many Car Hire companies tend not to offer senior car hire but in our experience, the older peer group are the safest and most responsible drivers out there, our senior citizens are a key part of the motoring industry and we felt it unfair to leave them unable to hire a car.

We have made an agreement with a number of rental suppliers to allow our older customers to continue hiring cars right up until their 99th birthday. These suppliers do still require certain criteria to be met similar to that of when you are hiring at any age which is why we ask you to contact us directly before making a booking, this way we can advise the best rental to meet your requirements and give you the best rental experience possible.

Seniors can also take full advantage of our great offers such as free additional drivers, debit card car hire and no deposit car hire but with also being over 70 all offers are quite specialised and subject to availability at the time of hire so please book as far in advance as possible.

Senior Driver FAQs

I will be staying in Ely and would like to rent a small car to drive to York and Edinburgh for a week. I will be 77 years of age at that time, can I hire a car?
Yes we have several suppliers all over the UK that will supply over 70s that also include one way car hire.

Can you hire a luxury car if you are over 70?
Yes this isn’t an issue we can offer luxury cars up until the age of 99.

Is there any extra fee for over 70 car hire?
There can be yes however here at Indigo we have a worldwide supplier that offer this without a surcharge.

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Three Cheers for Indigo!

Aug 08, 2016 by Daniel Stanfill

Three Cheers for Indigo! I am a former race driver (Austin of England) whose everyday car is a 2015 BMW 760Li twin turbo V-12 with 544 Hp. I happen to be 84 years old, and haven't lost any of my race car reflexes.
No traffic tickets in over 40 years, Even if I were driving at 50 percent capacity (I'm not!) it would be better than 99 percent of the drivers on the road. So i certainly appreciate Indigo making it possible to rent a car in the UK!


Apr 26, 2016 by Pamela Ackland

I have used Indigo for a few years now. Always find the staff very helpful and friendly. I also recommended my daughter to use them for her visits to Spain. They always come up trumps for us. At 77yrs this year I hope to be using them for a few more years to come.

Senior driver

Apr 23, 2016 by Christine Quinlan

I regularly book a car through Indigo and have done for many years. Now both my husband and I are in our 70´s and now we don´t have the worry of booking a car at our age. I always recommend Indigo to everyone I speak to. Their customer service on all aspects of the booking is the best.

Jun 07, 2014 by Mrs Janice Scott

My cousin and I will be arriving in Dover after a cruise and would like to hire a small car to travel to Cardiff return Dover. I am 74 years and my cousin c. cousin is 64 years.We both wish to drive

Response: Yes no problem we can help for sure - there is no problem with hiring a vehicle from us until you reach the age of 99 :-)
We have sent an email asking for the details and from there we can provide you with the best value option.
Kind regards
Indigo car hire

Indigo Car Hire , USA 4.3 5.0 4 4 Three Cheers for Indigo! I am a former race driver (Austin of England) whose everyday car is a 2015 BMW 760Li twin turbo V-12 with 544 Hp. I happen to be 84 years old, and haven't