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Can I Hire A Car Without My Driving Licence?

Restrictions To Renting A Car Without A Driving Licence

In order to hire a car without having the photo part of your licence you must

  • Be hiring in the UK (Limited locations)
  • Contact us directly
  • Spend £10 contacting the DVLAs premium rate number

Below you will find further details about all these restrictions.

Car Hire Without Driving Licence UK

Can I hire a car without my driving licence? If you are wanting to hire a car but you’ve misplaced or lost your licence and are in a rush to catch your flight or just don’t have time to get it replaced before your holiday. There is no need to panic Indigo Car Hire have managed to discover a way that you can hire a car without having to have your driver’s licence on you at the time. We must stress that if you are in this situation you will have to call us as only one company in the UK will allow you to use this method in order to hire. We have previously been able to provide you with car hire without a counterpart however the photo identification has been a tricky one to solve.

As you would imagine a licence is usually essential to hire a car as the details are key to the insurer in order to be allowed to supply you with the car. It tells you how long you had your licence, your age and all other details the company need to know, however this is a way around this an alternative that we have worked out with a supplier. The DVLA also possess all the details on your driver’s licence given that you do of course have a UK licence.

The reason you can still hire is because the supplying company will contact the DVLA by means of a telephone call, they will call the DVLA Drivers Check Service on 09061 393 837 to confirm that your details match that of the DVLA’s records for your licence. This will however cost you £10 as it’s a premium rate number, although this is an extra cost unfortunately it is the only option, it also is a quick service and can be confirmed there and then. This is available only in some UK locations however it is majority of the main airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow and Manchester.

Access Your Driving Licence Online

This method is up to the discretion of the car rental company at to whether they accept it, however you may be able to access your driving licence information online by using the DVLA website & this is step by step how you do it:

      Simply go to the GOV website and fill in the details required, which are your driving licence number, national insurance and the postcode on your licence.
      When you are able to share your licence you will be given a code.
      If you provide this code to the car rental company they will be given access to your driving history such as your driving record, like past vehicles & your penalty points / convictions

Since this is such a specialised deal we ask that you call us directly as soon as you realise that this is going to be an issue as this supplier often runs out of availability and in order to book you need to do it in advance. You can reach us by calling +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at [email protected] and we will be here to answer all your questions and queries, then get you a car booked in at a great price without having to have your licence with you at the time. Please DO NOT BOOK ONLINE!