Hiring A Car Without Counterpart Licence

Often when hiring a vehicle it is a requirement to have both parts of your driving license on you when you collect a vehicle, if you are on one of the newer driving licenses. Sometimes this isn’t possible if you have somehow misplaced the counterpart of your license. Some suppliers can now do DVLA checks when you collect your vehicle if you do not have both parts of your license on you.

The price for this can vary from £5-£10 depending on the supplier. This amount covers the cost of the phone call to the DVLA as a premium rate phone number is used to do this. To be able to do this you must have at least 1 part of your original license on you and the DVLA office must be open when you collect the vehicle.

If for example you are arriving into an airport late at night to collect a vehicle and the DVLA is not open, if you contact us directly we may be able to do a pre-DVLA check before you arrive, so that the supplier knows before you arrive if you are eligible to hire a vehicle. If you need to does this then please contact us before you book a vehicle in so we can make sure that we are able to do this before you arrive to collect your vehicle.

If you arrive at the branch to collect your vehicle and only have the counterpart of your driving license then you will need some form of photo ID such as your passport. The ID that you need will vary depending on the location and where you are arriving from. To find out what ID is required when collecting a vehicle please click here.