7 Seater Tow Bar Car Hire UK

7 Seater Tow Bar Car Hire UK

If you own a caravan or/and boat, we have an amazing offer for you. When it comes to travelling with your caravan or boat, we all know that tow bar cars are a must and if you don’t own one you can always rent.

Indigo Car Hire proudly announces that we offer a new category of tow bar cars for hiring: 7 Seater Tow Bar Car Hire UK. These type of cars can be perfect for those who need to tow a caravan or a boat and take a trip with their families and friends. For this service the minimum rental is 7 days, making it ideal for a week long holiday.

An MPV 7 seat with tow bar is a very difficult combination to provide due to insurance cost. Car rental companies tend not to offer this service as it can affect the insurance liability costs. Insurers will increase their prices as the risk increases for rental of towing vehicles. The risk is higher as there tends to be more chance of damagaing your vehicle when using a tow car to pull something like a caravan or a trailer.

Our 7 seat MPV tow car fleet includes

Hire a tow bar 7 seater car using a debit card

There are some conditions for hiring a 7 seater tow car like the age restrictions: the driver should be 25 or over and must have held their licence for at least 2 years prior to hiring one of these cars.

Indigo Car Hire offer also no credit card 7 seater car hire. If you are interested to hire a tow bar 7 seater car using a debit card, please contact our team directly via call or email.

For more information about hiring a tow car in UK please contact us over the phone on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or via email on [email protected]