How To Get To Madrid For The Champions League Final

Extortionate Prices For Flights To Madrid

With Tottenham and Liverpool both getting to the champions league final, thousands of fans from the UK are all trying to get to Madrid to see this all English final. One big problem many people have encountered is the price of flights to Madrid, costing over £1000. Frankly, this is unfair, and people should have a chance to see their football team play in such a prestigious event without spending so much. As a result of this we decided to conduct some research of alternative ways to get to the game without burning a hole in your pocket.

Drive From The UK To Madrid!

The first way is that you can drive all the way to Madrid! Yes, people are actually doing this and apart from the monstrous journey this might not be a bad idea. If we use an example of 63mpg, for your car to get there and back would cost, about £140 in petrol. That is not taking into account any toll roads that you might have to pay. Also as the drive is over 21 hours you might want to add an overnight stay to break up the journey. Nevertheless, this is the cheapest by a long way, but is also the longest, so the choice is it up to you. If your car is old and not reliable, we offer cross border car hire from the UK so you have a car you can rely on. For this offer please contact the reservations team directly via call or email.

Fly Then Hire A Car

The other ways to get there involve getting a flight to somewhere else then finding your way to the Madrid from there. If you are going with just 1 or 2 people you might want to check the train prices from the airport to Madrid. If there is more than 2 of you then car hire is probably the cheapest option. Below is a table of different locations you can fly to and how much car hire from there would cost to get to Madrid and back. For some of the flights instead of flying from Liverpool airport we used Manchester Airport as it was a lot cheaper. We used Skyscanner for flight prices and all the prices are accurate as of the 5th May 2019 but may change as they are on a live price rate system.

Flight locationsFlight CostTotal Flight Time (There and Back)Dates of FlightsCar Hire Price Car Hire Travel Time (One Way)Petrol Price Total Price Total Time (There and Back)
Manchester-Gibraltar£4116 Hours 20 Mins31st-2nd£406 Hours 30 Mins (660km)£63£47419 hours 20 Mins
Liverpool-Porto£34614 Hours 10 Mins31st-3rd£535 Hours 30 Mins (560km)£54£399
25 Hours 10 Mins
Liverpool-Barcelona£4957 Hours 55 Mins31st-3rd£216 Hours 10 Mins (620km)£59£554
20 Hours 15 Mins
Manchester-Valencia £50810 Hours 15 Mins31st-3rd£223 Hours 30 Mins (355km)£34£54217 Hours 15 Mins
Manchester-Malaga£39611 Hours 5 Mins31st-3rd£185 Hours 10 Mins (530km)£51£447
21 Hours 25 Mins
Liverpool-Seville £49510 Hours 15 Mins31st-3rd£225 Hours 5 Mins (530km)£51£54621 Hours 25 Mins
    Things to note about this table:

  • The petrol cost is assuming the car does 63mpg with the petrol price using the average price in Spain(£1.07)
  • Tolls and parking are not included.
  • Flight time includes stop overs for connecting flights.
  • Prices are based on the smallest and cheapest car.

Booking Car Hire To Madrid

If you decide to fly to one of these destinations and need car hire, Indigo can arrange this for you stress free. Contact us directly with the requirements of your car hire, and we can help find the cheapest deal for you. If you have any questions or want to book a car then call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.