A Great Kombi-Nation For Group Travel

Since the day we launched as a business one issue seems to crop up now and again that was always a bit of a head scratcher, and usually the only solution was to hire 2 vehicles which obviously increases the cost and that’s not ideal for anyone.

The issue in question is when someone wants to hire a people carrier, say a 6 seater like a Fiat Multipla or Honda FRV. Generally they want a 6 seater because they have 6 people in their family or group for a holiday or work trip. The problem being 6 people going on holiday generally need to take some luggage and most cars on the road today would not have enough space.

If you have ever tried to get 6 people and 6 weekend bags or suitcases in to a normal MPV then you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Transporter Kombi

Finally there is a solution. We have access to a huge fleet of vehicles in the UK and the newest addition is the all new Volkswagen Transporter Kombi. The Kombi features seating for 6 with a double front passenger seat (like a transit van) and crew type seating in the rear leaving a huge amount of space for plenty of luggage.

So whether it is fishing trip to the lakes, a golfing break on the coast or a family holiday to the highlands the VW Kombi is a genuine 6 seater with enough space for the kitchen sink.

Transporter Kombi

These vehicles are being rolled out as we speak and initially the Transporter Kombi will be available from the below locations.