Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games are fast approaching set to take place on the 23rd July – 3 August, with limited tickets remaining for the event the same can be said for car hire. People have learnt their lesson from the summer Olympics and quickly snapped up a ticket for the Commonwealth as soon as they can, this reflects the car hire industry also. Hired car availability is running low, so make sure that you get your car booked fast.

There are 14 venues so getting between them it is essential to have a vehicle, the amount of venues however also works in our favour. We work with car hire companies in all of the different locations so our availability is potentially a lot higher (although you may have to travel!) It’ll be worth it. Some of the locations these venues are include…

Cathkin Braes


Some other venues that people may search for car hire include the large stadiums, as it can often get confusing as to what rental companies are located closest to them including…

Celtic Park
Hampden Park
Ibrox Stadium
Emirates Arena
Athletes Village
SECC Precinct

Rest assured however we can provide car hire at all of these locations.

There are also several more, likely chances are that if you are coming from abroad you are arriving into either Edinburgh Airport or Glasgow Airport in which we can also supply you with a hired vehicle.

Although it is a bit too early to suggest what the weather may be on the dates, well, its Scotland so it may be worth going for a larger vehicle such as an SUV or 4×4 to tackle some of the mountainous terrain. You also don’t want to miss any of your events so getting satellite navigation in car may be worthwhile however we would suggest if possible to buy your own as it would work cheaper.

Please keep in mind it is a battle against time, availability even for us is running low for the commonwealth games so make sure that you book as soon as you can or else you may be left without adequate transportation.

The quickest way to book is to contact our experienced and knowledgeable reservation agents who will help you every way possible to get a vehicle. You can contact them by calling +44 (0)113 880 0748 or emailing, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.