New Debit Card Location: Minsk Airport, Belarus

Belarus is a country with an extremely rich and varied history, from ancient Baltic settlements, to their cession into the Russian Empire and split from the Soviet Union just 28 years ago.

Ever since regaining their independence in 1991, the country’s economy has since skyrocketed and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Minsk in particular is home to a variety of important historical landmarks, most notably a slew of beautiful Eastern Orthodox churches and cathedrals.

After trying for quite some time to arrange a debit card option in Minsk we are pleased to announce that we’ve finally managed to do so, so don’t let your lack of a credit card prevent you from enjoying the sights and sounds of Belarus!

What types of vehicles are available with a debit card?

Here are a few examples of the types of car we have available to rent with a debit card:

Car GroupExample ModelsSize Recommendations
EconomyVW Polo, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Aveo5 seats, 2 suitcases
CompactSkoda Rapid, Ford Focus, VW Golf5 seats, 3 suitcases
Compact EstateFord Focus Estate, VW Golf Estate5 seats, 4 suitcases
IntermediateVW Jetta, Skoda Octavia5 seats, 4 suitcases
Intermediate EstateVW Jetta Station Wagon, Ford Mondeo Estate5 seats, 5 suitcases
SUVKia Sportage, Nissan Qashqai5 seats, 4 suitcases
7-seaterVW Caravelle, Ford Galaxy7 seats, 2 suitcases

What other services can we offer at the location?

Low Deposit Car Hire: The deposits go as low as 200 EUR on our rentals from Minks Airport.
Young Driver Hire: Anyone over the age of 21 can hire with no young driver fee, there is also no max age limit either.
On Airport Collection: The car is picked up from the airport directly, so you don’t have to mess about trying to get a shuttle bus to the branch.

As always, ensure you contact us directly for the debit card options as they aren’t available on the website. Simply email us on or call us on 0113 88 00 748.