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Hiring A Car At Faro Airport And Driving To Spain

We recently received a question regarding this from one of our previous customers and we thought it was a great topic to inform our readers, the exact question was “Do you hire out cars to drive from Faro airport to Isla canella in Spain?”. People…

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Does Car Hire Include Fuel?

It may sound a simple question but it’s actually quite complex, of course every car hire includes fuel as you wouldn’t be able to leave your rental location if it didn’t, however the amount of fuel it includes and the cost of that fuel are…

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Cross Border Hires

With the ski season approaching we have had a number of enquiries about hiring a car cross border from Spain to Andorra, the reason for the increase in enquiries is the lack of flights into Andorra itself. So those that cannot arrange direct flights are…

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Car Hire Europe Without Credit Card

Hiring a car anywhere in the world without a credit card can sometimes seem like a mammoth task. Majority of all car hire companies only accepted credit cards as it’s the easiest form of payment, the same goes for the large majority of the companies…

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Brits Lead Spanish Tourism

Figures where just published for May 2013 and they show that Spain welcomed a total of 5.8 million international tourists to their sunny beaches which is a 7.4% rise on last year’s figures. The visitors to Spain are international but who are leading the way?…

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