Hiring A Premium Vehicle

We had an enquiry this week that had a few of us here in the office scratching our heads. It got me thinking about when the time is right to consider hiring a premium vehicle.

The customer started the conversation by telling us about the luxurious holiday they had booked. It included first class flights, 5* hotels, private pools and a concierge service. All of this sounds like a pipe dream for a lot of us but some people have done well enough in life to be able to splash the cash every now and again and good luck to them.

When asking about the vehicle they were looking to hire for such a holiday, the answer was given swiftly and went something like this ‘cheapest one available, like a Vauxhall Corsa‘. This came as a bit of a surprise to us, the Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular vehicles available but its not the type of vehicle we expected to be offering for this type of holiday.

So, lets have a look at the benefits of hiring a premium vehicle?


Not very important to some people but to others it can be. Do you want to be the only person pulling up to the valet parking outside your 5* hotel with a budget hire car? Hiring a luxury vehicle for a week can cost less than 1 night in a top end hotel.

Are you going to an important buisiness meeting and need to look the part? Hiring a prestige vehicle can give the right impression in certain circumstances. Dry cleaning your £500 Armani suit and wearing your best white gold cufflinks can do the trick, but pulling up in a Hyundai i10 may not have the desired effect.

Driver Comfort

Budget tends to be the number one priority when hiring a car. If money was no object what would your priorities be? For me it would be comfort, hiring a car with enough space for what is needed. Decent climate control and electrically adjustable seats. Doesnt sound like much but we would all love to have those options in our cars if we could.

More expensive vehicles tend to have automatic transmission this is another plus when hiring abroad, changing gear with the wrong hand can be difficult for some people. How about paddle shift, some of the top end Audi’s and BMW’s come with semi-auto paddle shift gear boxes which can be a lot of fun… So im told :)

Real Life Test Drives

Are you considering buy a new car? If so then it maybe worth your while hiring one for a while first to make sure you can live with the same car day to day. You can take a test drive from the showroom of course but will you learn anything in those few hours while trying to justify the cost to yourself.

Hiring one of our guaranteed models for a week or so will ensure that you can use the car as it will be used once you decide to purchase it. The commute to work, trip to the coast with the family and dogs, or even measuring the fuel economy. Purchasing the car before knowing if it fits your lifestyle can be a very expensive mistake.

We have a large range of premium and luxury vehicles available from manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and more. For more information please contact us direct by phone on +44 (0)113 880 0748, email at [email protected] or chat with one of our experts online today.