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Compare Cheap Car Hire In Mauritius

About Mauritius

Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean, it consists of the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agaléga and St. Brandon. The warmest months are in December and January in which the average temperature is 30 Celsius, in the colder months, July and August, average temperatures dip to around 25 Celsius. If you are looking for one of a kind sand dunes, Seven Colored Earth are sand dunes that are made up of seven distinct colours. Black River Gorges National Park is ideal for packing up a picnic and exploring the 60km of trails.

Car Hire Locations in Mauritius

Anse La RaiePalmar
Bain BoeufPlaisance
Balaclava Pointe Aux Piments
Belle MarePort Louis
CalodyneQuatre Bornes
Flic en FlacSt. Felix
Le MorneMauritius Airport

Why choose Indigo for your car hire in Mauritius?

Save yourself hours searching the internet for the best price, let us compare prices from all major suppliers to find you the cheapest car hire in Mauritius. You will also have our team available on hand should you encounter any issues before, during or after your car rental.

Our Offers

Debit Card Car Hire In Mauritius

The majority of suppliers will only accept debit card as payment for car rental. This is not a problem for many people, but some people do not have a credit card. We have the solution of car hire with a debit card in Mauritius, but there are a few restrictions your card must meet. To find out if your card meets the restrictions, you must contact us.

Low Deposit car hire in Mauritius

Going on holiday can be very expensive, add on top the cost of your car hire and then the large deposit that many suppliers require you to hold on your card and you may not have enough money. Which is why we have arranged car hire with a low deposit, so you pay a significantly smaller deposit than usual.

Senior Driver car hire in Mauritius

Many car hire suppliers have an upper age limit, the age varies between supplier but it is usually around 70 years old. At Indigo we can offer senior driver car hire with the upper age limit of 99 years old.

Young driver car hire in Mauritius

Finding car hire as a young driver can be very hard and time consuming. Let us do the hard work and save you time when you book young driver car hire with us. We can accept drivers from as young as 18 years old, given that they have held their licence for at least 1 year. As a young driver you may be subject to a young driver’s fee, but this will be kept as low as possible.

Car Hire With A Free additional driver In Mauritius

Having the freedom to drive anywhere you want and explore a new country is amazing. However, it is not always fun for the driver if you are going on long journeys. Now you can hire a car with a free additional driver so you can share the driving and make your journey more enjoyable for everyone.

If you would like to book car hire in Mauritius or have any questions, please get in touch with us. Please be aware that some offers are only available with certain suppliers, so we urge you to contact us instead of booking online. You can reach us via call, email or by using the live chat function.


Can I hire a car with a free additional driver in Mauritius?
Yes, we can offer car hire with a free additional driver.

I’m under 25 years old can I hire a car in Mauritius?
Yes, we offer car hire to drivers from the age of 18 years old

Do you offer car hire with a low deposit in Mauritius?
Yes, we have low deposit car hire options available.

Do you offer senior driver car hire in Mauritius?
Yes, we can allow drivers to hire up until the age of 99 years old.

Can I hire a car without a credit card in Mauritius?
Yes, we can accept debit card as payment providing your card meets some restrictions.

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