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Car Rental San Francisco

About San Francisco

San Francisco, or San Fran is the leading financial and cultural centre of Northern California. San Fran has a lot to offer its tourists with several memorial buildings and spectacular structures with several beaches and parks also on offer, even within the busy city you can still get away from the hectic city life by visiting some of these fantastic parks including Alamo Square or Golden Gate Park. San Francisco is also known for its infamous fog during summer which covers a large part of the city which is because of the North Pacific High drawing winds through the Golden Gate.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire?

Here at Indigo we can offer you deals that suppliers can’t, the reason we can beat the price of suppliers is down to our magnificent discounts that we get because of how much business we pass the companies. Another thing we can do as a broker is freeze the price when you book and until the time of picking up the rental we will alert you if the price drops any lower than the original which saves you extra money as prices are always live.

Over our years of experience we have managed to arrange several offers and we have always aimed at making car hire more available to a wider audience of people when doing so. Some of our best offers to date are…

Young Driver Car Rental In San Francisco

If you are under the age of 25 you will find it extremely hard to get your hands on a hired car, especially one of a decent price. We have however managed to arrange a deal with a supplier that allows 21 – 25 year olds to hire at a reasonable price. Please follow this link if you want more information on hiring a car as a young driver.

San Francisco, Debit Card Car Rental

Want to hire a car but don’t have a credit card to do so? You’re going to find it extremely difficult. Don’t worry however, Indigo have managed to arrange a deal that will hopefully be able to help you, we can now hire out cars with a debit card as long as it meets the restrictions that are in place.

One Way Car Rental To San Francisco

Pick up your car in San Francisco and drop it off at another location within the USA at a reasonable price, which we will always try to keep to an absolute minimum. To find out if we have a location at your desired drop off location then please call or email us and any other information you may want to know about one way car hire can also be discussed.

No Deposit Car Rental in San Francisco

Can’t afford to fork out the hefty deposit which often surrounds car hire? Don’t worry we have a solution for you, we have managed to arrange a deal with a supplier that allow you to have a no deposit on the rental car however you do have to pay a low deposit for the full tank of fuel you are given. If you want more information on no deposit car rental then please call us directly or email us for further details.

Free Additional Drivers in San Francisco

If you are driving for long periods of time and need to take a break then as long as someone else in the car is eligible to hire we can add them as an additional driver completely free. Why not? It’s free. If you want more information on adding a free additional driver then please call us or email us directly.

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