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Car Rental New Jersey

Why Choose Indigo?

Indigo offer you deals suppliers simply can’t, we receive a discounted rate than if you went right to the supplier which is down to the amount of business we pass the certain suppliers. We can also offer you the option of not having to pay when you book but when you arrive at your destination, a perk that comes hand in hand with that is that we can freeze the rate from the time you book and alert you if the price lowers at any given time in order to amend the booking and get you a lower rate.

About New Jersey

Seen as the mini New York, New Jersey is a small state in the North-eastern region of America it is however the second wealthiest US state in median household income. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton yet the largest city within the state is Newark, New Jersey is divided into three regions, North Jersey, Central Jersey and South Jersey although some residents don’t consider the central Jersey to be a region in its own right.

Our Offers

In the many years we have been in the car rental industry we have managed to arrange several deals in order to make car hire more accessible for people. The rules on car hire are usually really strict so we aimed to target these to make it a wider range of availability, some of our best deals include…

Young Driver Car Rental
We offer young driver car rental given that the driver meets the restrictions of being 21 and over with a year on their licence. This is a rare offer as many companies don’t hire to those who are under 25 due to insurance premiums.

Debit Card Car Rental
One of our best deals we arranged is debit card car hire as most car rental companies only accept credit cards which many people don’t have. There are certain restrictions and details you need to know before hiring a car with a debit card.

No Deposit Car Rental
Another offer we have is car rental with no deposit, this can be extremely useful as many people just can’t afford to dish out the massive deposit that comes with car rental. You do however have to pay a small deposit on the full tank of fuel you get given at the start of the rental, however this is nowhere near the price of a full car deposit, if you want more information on this then please call us directly or email us.

One Way Car Rental
Want to pick up a car at one locations and drop it off at another? We can arrange this from certain locations given that we have a branch at your desired drop off location. If you want more information on one way car hire and if we have a branch at the location you want to drop the car off then please call us directly or email us.

Free Additional Driver
If you are driving for a long period of time you may want to take a break, a perfect solution to this is a free additional driver. We offer this service with some restrictions however, if you want all the details about free additional drivers then please call us directly or email us.

New Jersey Car Rental Airport Locations

Newark Liberty Airport
Atlantic City Airport

New Jersey Car Rental Downtown Locations

NewarkPerth Amboy
Jersey CityHoboken
CliftonAtlantic City
CamdenLong Branch
Union CityMillville
East OrangeRahway
New BrunswickSummit