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Car Rental Nevada

About Nevada

A mountainous western state, the capital of Nevada is Carson City however the largest city and most popular with tourists and locals is the famous Las Vegas. Nevada is officially known as the “silver state” but it’s also commonly known as the “Battle Born State” which is down to its involvement in the civil war. Nevada derives from the Spanish word meaning “snow-capped range”, Nevada’s largest industry is tourism as well as it being the fourth largest producer of gold in the world.

Why Hire with Indigo

Here at Indigo we enjoy a cheaper rate than the major car hire companies will offer you if you went directly to them, this is purely because the amount of business we pass gives us a larger discount for our customers. We also have unique services like you don’t have to pay when you book yet the price will be frozen, when the price is frozen up until you pick up your rental car we can alert you if the price drops at any point, saving you extra money.

What We Offer

Over the many years we have been in the car rental industry we have managed to organise some pretty amazing deals, we aimed on making car hire more available to a wider range audience when we got these deals, here are our top few…

Debit Card Car Rental

It can be extremely hard to find car hire without a credit card anywhere in the world, Indigo have managed to arrange a deal with a large car rental company to bring you debit card car hire in several locations across Nevada.

Young Driver Car Rental
Under 25? It can be extremely hard to find a company that will hire a vehicle for you down to insurance policies. Not with Indigo, we arranged a deal so that we can bring you car hire given that you are 21 or over and have held your licence for a year prior to hiring with us. Please follow this link if you want more information on young driver car hire.

No Deposit Car Rental
Want to hire a car but can’t afford the deposit? We offer a solution, we can offer car rental with no deposit at certain locations, and this however comes with a very low deposit on the fuel since it’s given to you with a full tank. If you want more information on no deposit car hire then can you please call us directly or email us for more details.

One Way Car Rental
Pick up the car in one location and drop it off at another? We can do this as well! All you have to do is ask us what destination you want to drop it off and we will check if there is a branch there for you to do so. If you want more information on one way car rental then please call us directly or email us for the details.

Free Additional Driver
Are you driving for a long period of time? Given that you have a spouse who can drive in the car with you then we can arrange for you to have them added as an extra driver absolutely free all you have to do is call or email us and we will get this organised.

Nevada Car Rental Airport Locations
McCarran Airport
Reno/Tahoe Airport
Boulder City Airport
Elko Airport
North Las Vegas Airport
Nevada Car Rental Downtown Locations
Las VegasCarson City
North Las VegasMesquite
SparksBoulder City