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Mini Group

Mini Group

A large amount of the fleet available to our customers consists of small cars categorised in the booking engine as “Mini”. Our small cars are often suitable if you are only travelling with a few passengers, these are generally the lowest price cars for both car hire price and to run as they often have a high amount of miles per tank.

We have several cars in this category available to our customers. The specification of Mini cars are often…

Passengers: 4 People

Suitable Amount Of Luggage: 2 Bags

Doors: Typically 3 but sometimes 5

Transmission: Manual (very rarely automatic)

Air Conditioning Equipped

Fuel: Petrol

Some of the cars that are within this group are….

Citroen DS3 or similar
Citreon DS3One of the popular models in the car hire industry which is regularly given to customers. A reliable “supermini” produced by Citroen and has been since 2009. This trusty 3 door car has earned its position in our fleet.


Ford Ka or similar
Ford KaA small city car produced by the company Ford, Ford have been perfecting this model of car since 1996. The 3 door hatchback is one of the most common cars on our fleets with a high miles per tank and small engine it’s suitable to 2-3 passengers.

Hyundai i10 or similar
Hyundai i30The Hyundai i10 was introduced in 2007 and is a 5 door hatchback with various different engine sizes and types. It mixes a classic style with great comfort and yet is still economically friendly, every version comes with AC, radio players with a USB connection, ABS and air conditioning.

Fiat 500 or similar
fiat 500The stylish Italian Fiat 500 is a favourite for many with is sleek cute design. Drive the roads confidently whilst saving yourself a large amount of money when you hire a 500 model Fiat.