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Identification For Car Hire

Identification For Car Hire

When you are on your way to get your hire vehicle it is imperative that you take the correct documents with you to support your identity. If you do not take the correct information and paperwork, this can often prevent you from being able to collect your vehicle from the car rental branch. To ensure you are aware of all the required documents please find all the information you require below:

What ID do I need to collect my car hire?

If you are flying into the country, you will need both parts of your driving license, your passport, return flight details and your payment card. If you live In the UK and are hiring in the UK you will need both parts of your driving license, 2 proofs of address which can be a bank statement linked to the payment card and a utility bill, these must be dated within 8 weeks of rental and you will also need your payment card.

Do I need both parts of my licence?

Ideally you do need both parts of hour license, however if you do not have 1 part a DVLA check can be done however this incurs a cost.

I don’t have a utility bill or bank statement in my name?

If you have any official letters such as HMRC letters with your address on, this would be an acceptable form of ID.

I’m flying in but live in the UK

If you are flying back out you will need your return flight details and passport, if not you will need 2 proofs of address such as a bank statement and utility bill

Can I use a passport instead of utility bills?

You must present a utility bill as proof of address; a passport cannot be shown instead of this

Do you accept ID cards?

Some suppliers do accept ID cards, however you must check with us before booking a vehicle.

I have an international driving license, can I hire?

Yes, if you have an international driving license you can hire a car as long as you have a license from another country with you at the time of collecting a vehicle.

In what situations do I need an international driving license?

If your license is not written in English script, you will need an international license.

What is an international permit?

This allows you to drive a vehicle in a different country. It must be accompanied by a valid license from your home country also.

What is the different between an international permit and license?

A permit is only valid for a limited time, whereas a license is valid for longer.

What is a security check?

A security check checks that you are registered at the address that you claim you are registered at.

Will I be required to go through a security check?

You are not always required to have one of these; these are random so we cannot guarantee whether you will be subject to one.

Is everyone subject to a security check?

No, these checks are done randomly at random places.

What happens if I fail a security check?

This can mean that the supplier will refuse to hire to you. If this does happen, we advise people to contact us directly to see if we can do anything further.

What is a DVLA check?

A DVLA check checks to see if you have any points or convictions on your license.

Does a DVLA check cost?

A DVLA check costs between £5 and £10 depending on the supplier. This covers the price for the premium rate phone call to the DVLA when you arrive at the branch.