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Young Driver Car Hire Elgin Moray

Young Driver Car Hire Elgin Moray

Young Driver Car Hire Elgin Moray

Due to recent changes in some of our suppliers policy, Indigo Car Hire doesn’t offer any more car hire for the 20 years old drivers on this location or in any location in UK

Are you under 25? Then there’s not many rental companies that will rent you a car, and even if you find one that does the rates are normally extortionate for a young driver additional fee. This is down to the factor of insurance as it costs more to do so, despite this we found it incredibly inconvenient as a lot of our customers are under 25 and we were getting a few requests for Elgin so we decided that we had to do something about it and try get some form of deal arranged.

We called all the local suppliers in Elgin Moray and tried to arrange something for young drivers, two suppliers got back to us and gave us two great deals that we could use. These two deals are both for different age ranges which are…

Under 23?
If you are under 23 the deal we got means that anyone from 21-23 can hire given that they have held their licence for a year prior to doing so. We also have managed to reduce the typical young driver additional fee, we can promise that we will find you the best overall price possible with all the additional fees included, we won’t just give you the price that looks the best on the surface we will give you the best price available to you after everything has been added together.

23 Or Over?
We have a fantastic offer for those who are 23 or 24, just like if you are 21-23 you only need a year driving experience but the deal means that you’ll have to pay a small additional young driver charge. This will save you an absolute ton of money.

If you are interested in getting the best price as a young driver then you are in the perfect place, however we ask that you please email us at as if you book online we can’t ensure that you will get the right supplier that offers us this deal.

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