Debit Card Car Hire Ukraine

About Ukraine

Ukraine is nested in between several countries in Eastern Europe. The country spans over 600,000 square kilometers making it the largest country that lies entirely in Europe. In the summer many people jet off to the warm weather to the likes or Spain or Portugal, however Ukraine makes a great alternative. There is plenty to do, with the Motherland Monument, the Medieval Golden Gate and not to mention the countless ornate churches like you have never seen before. All that and in the Summer, you can expect the temperature to lie between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, making it ideal to explore the sites.

As Ukraine is such a large country, there is bound to be plenty of travelling between visiting attractions, due to this, we think it is best to hire a car. A car gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace and not be tied to public transport times. You never know what a city has to offer and some places you may only spend a couple of hours whereas others you may want to spend the full day there, but you may not know until you arrive.

Debit Card Car Hire Ukraine

We have been looking for offers that we can arrange in Ukraine to help make car hire more accessible and bring the prices down. After some time, we managed to arrange one of our most popular deals at several locations across Ukraine. We are pleased to announce that we can now offer debit card car hire in Ukraine, providing that your card meets the restrictions set by the supplier. These restrictions can be confusing therefore we ask that you contact our team to find out if your card is eligible.

Where Can I Hire A Car Without A Credit Card In Ukraine?

Dnipropetrovsk AirportLviv Airport
Kharkiv AirportOdessa Airport
Kiev Borispol AirportPoltav
Kiev Zhuliany Airport

What other deals can I get in Ukraine?

We also managed to arrange a few other offers to help you get cheap car hire in Ukraine. If you plan to use any of these offers, we always suggest you contact us directly before booking. The reason for this is that all suppliers have the same offers available, so it is important we place you with the best supplier for you needs.

Young Driver Car Hire – Hiring a car as a driver when you’re under 25 years old can be hard. We have arranged an offer that allows drivers to hire a car from the age of 23 given that you have held your licence for at least 2 years.

Free Additional Driver– Driving isn’t the most enjoyable part of the holiday, especially for the driver. Take stress off the designated driver and add an additional driver for free so you can share the driving.

As previously mentioned, if you would like to book car hire in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world for that matter, we recommend you contact us today. Our expert team will make sure you understand the whole process to ensure you have a stress-free car hire experience.