Top Eight Scenic Road Trips in the USA

USA has so many stunning areas that are ideal for a road trip. Make yourself ready for a nice drive on one of these beautiful and scenic drives. Here is a list of the top eight scenic road trips in the USA.

Top Eight Scenic Road Trips in the USA

The Hawaii Belt, Big Island, Hawaii
The Hawaii belt is first in our top eight scenic road trips in the USA. It is a big drive, with a total of 483 kilometres (300 miles), so to enjoy the local scenery, your journey needs to be split across several days. The attractions along this drive include lava flows, lush jungles, mountains and valleys, farmland, and snow white beaches.

Florida Keys
It is a 120 miles long island chain that is an ideal place for water sports, beach bars and the Jimmy Buffett fans called the Parrothead. As you make the drive, it seems that the islands are like beads stringed together, and you’ll pass some lighthouses, coral reef parks and one of the world’s largest bridge, the 7 Mile Bridge.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Carolina and Virginia
This is the drive to take if you are looking for a commanding position to view the Appalachian. You can drive here in any season – autumn for wavy forms of colour; summer for forest canopy; winter for ski resorts.

Lakeshore Drive, Chicago
This 26-mile drive offers a view of the best of American architecture. Not to be missed are the buildings downtown which are showstoppers as well. Some examples are the Willis (Sears) Tower and Bella Epoque. Lakeshore Drive is the best-designed road on earth.

Route 12, Utah
Have a good view of the impressively beautiful red rock between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks. Among the most popular spot, here is the Hogback, a narrow ridge-line road that you may find adventurous to tackle.

Blue Bonnet Trail, Texas
The months from March to May are the best time to drive along this beautiful Texas trail. This is when the blue bonnets are in bloom. You will also pass scenic spots such as the 7 lakes of Colorado River, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center, and a wilderness resort area.

Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire
This is a 36-mile drive through the White Mountains. It is a year-round haven for sports enthusiast that is highlighted by fireworks in autumn. You might want to visit in October and view the birch, maples, and alder in their glorious technicolor blaze.

Trail Ridge Road, Colorado
The United States’ highest paved road, winding 12,000 feet through Rocky Mountain National Park should be in the list of top eight scenic road trips in the USA. Making the drive in this vast region is a true adventure.

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