3 Reasons to Visit Northern Europe this Summer

We all have a tendency to stick with what we know. That might be just fine when it comes to picking out clothes or choosing where to go for dinner, but it should never be the guiding light in planning your next holiday destination.

If you’re going to hire a car and go exploring this summer, consider setting your GPS for the majesty of Northern Europe.

Reasons to Visit Northern Europe this Summer

1. You Need to See Something New
Visiting one of Europe’s iconic cities this summer might take you somewhere new, but surely not to somewhere you’ve never heard of before.

Northern Europe, by contrast, is a buried treasure of vibrant cities, cultures, and landscapes that have been largely overlooked by the tourist industry. Try visiting Tallinn in Estonia, one of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns.

Or stand beside five perfectly preserved Viking ships, pulled from Denmark’s Fjords, in the city of Roskilde. If you’re ready for a spectacular drive to the north of Sweden, you can stay in Kiruna’s ice hotel and marvel at the midnight sun.
Visit Northern Europe this summer and see something really new.

2. You Want to Escape the Crowds
Sooner or later, people are going to figure it out. For now, however, Norther Europe is still a haven from the crowds that flock to Paris, London and Rome in the summer months.

Finland is celebrating its hundredth year of independence, so this summer is the perfect time to pay a visit to Helsinki and enjoy the celebrations.

While you’re in the general neighbourhood, check out the sights of Stockholm where admission to many of the state-owned museums is now free. You can avoid the line-ups, congestion and stress that come with the more traditional European destinations by heading north.

3. You’re Looking for Some Fresh Air
If you’re going to take a visit to Northern Europe this summer, we guarantee you won’t be spending all of your time indoors.
That’s because so many of the Scandinavian and Baltic countries are renown for their spectacular natural beauty. The very best way to really see the place is to hire a car and hit the road. Ocean, forest, mountains, fjords, volcanoes and glacial valleys all await you in Northern Europe.

And here’s a bonus fourth reason to visit Northern Europe this summer. The sun is up half the night, so it feels like you’re getting twice as much holiday time. Try it, we’re not kidding!

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