Look For The ‘Sanitised Car’ Badge Online

When using our online booking tool, for added confidence in the supplier you are using, We have added a ‘Sanitised Car’ badge. This is there to tell you that this supplier brand uses cleaning measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines including these minimum standards a supplier should be implementing;

  • Staff using protective and disposable equipment (e.g.: masks, gloves) when cleaning car units
  • Use of disinfecting products recommended by Covid-19 safety guidelines to clean car units
  • Emphasize the cleaning of common surfaces like steering wheel, windows, gear, handles, car keys, seat belt buckles, as well as optional extras like child seats, GPS
  • Disinfecting soft and porous material or items like carpet, rugs and seating areas

If you have any questions about car hire, driving a car abroad and covid-19 restrictions on car hire then please contact us. You can do so by phone, email, text and online chat. It has never been easier to contact us.