Don’t Save “Home” In Your Sat Nav!

Don't Save Thieves are always looking for new ways to get their hands on your goods one of which is cars just like it always has been. Amongst other valuable items in a car new models often have a inbuilt GPS which people regularly use to travel to and from locations, many people program sat navs to save their favourite locations and most commonly home. Saving home into your sat nav creates a new threat if your car is unfortunately subject to burglary.

Thieves are continuing to find new methods to steal cars and one of the newest “crazes” so to speak is stealing cars from long stay car parks which makes it much less likely that the owner of the car will catch them in the act. It also gives thieves the opportunity to locate their home via the GPS function as it may be hours or even days before you realise your car is even missing in a long stay car park. This gives thieves a free run at a house they know will be empty or at least a lot more likely to be empty. Dangerous stuff.

What can you do to prevent this happening to you? There are a couple of safety measures you can head as advice that will decrease the chance of your house being burgled.

To prevent this happening the advice given by the company Tracker is that you keep all electronic devices out of sight and also don’t leave any personal documents in your car like letters or more information. Another redeeming factor of cars with GPS is they can easily be tracked by the police as they have in built trackers located all over the vehicle which thieves are unable to find giving the police a much better change of making an arrest.