Autumn Travel – Why You Should Visit USA This Fall

Autumn or fall is a pleasant season in most states of the USA. The weather is cooler and the leaves of the trees along the avenues and the hardwood forests change colours. The days are warm and sunny and the nights become cooler. It is very certain that the crisp air will allow you to walk energetically. This means that you are happy and comfortable with the weather. You feel that the oppressive summer heat is having its end. This is one major reason why you should visit USA this fall.

If you are a traveller, autumn motivates you to visit the United States because the summer crowds have gone down in number, discounts are applied to the most of the hotel rates, and you can look forward to plenty of local experiences.

If you travel with your family, you’ll find autumn the best time to visit the zoos.
The animals that were sluggish and apathetic during the summer, such as the big cats and bears, become livelier and appear to be comfortable in their winter coats. One more reason why you should autumn travel – why you should visit USA this fall.

Fall is also the season of festivals in many of the American states. Many visitors and residents alike enjoy Oktoberfest, Beer fest, and the Great American Beer Festival, where 3,500 different beers from various brewers are featured.
There are also music festivals coupled by food festivals in autumn, especially in Nashville, which is tagged as the Music City.

The New York City is a sight to see during Fall, when the Belvedere Castle gets covered by the red leaves of the Tupelo trees. Food kiosks such as the Blue Bottle Coffee and the Taco Truck all come out in October.

Autumn months could also mean generally better prices for travelers in most states. In Santa Barbara, California, for example, the hotel rates are down by 50% from August to September.
Cheap hotel rates make for another reason why you should visit USA this fall.

There are also the two autumn famous holidays celebrated everywhere in the USA: the Halloween and Thanksgiving.


The first one is a favourite with children, and celebrated on October 31. During Halloween, people decorate their front yards with figures of ghosts, witches, skeletons, and big Jack-o-Lanterns or illuminated pumpkin faces. This is a time when the football season begins and so all teams become active in local matches.

The fall season in the USA ends with Thanksgiving, celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. During the harvest festival, families re-unite, get together and have a great feast.

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