The Cleanest Beaches In Europe

Its that time of year when we are thinking about what to pack, finding the passports, dusting off the sun hat and setting off on our summer holidays. The biggest thing that that some look forward to is to laze on the golden beach without a care in the world.

This all sounds perfect, but have a read of the below before you dive in for a cooling dip in the sea..

The inviting ocean can look as clear as glass but who knows what can be floating around the beautiful waves. Sewage, chemicals and bodily fluids possibly but we would never know without some help from the professionals.

For almost 20 years, the EAA (European Environment Agency) and the Blue Flag Organisation have monitored the coastal waters where a lot of us love to spend our holidays. This information can help us decide where in the world we would like to take our families.

Well done to Cyprus who top the list with 100% safe and clean water. This beautiful island has it all so this should be the cherry on top for anyone considering visting.

Second on the list is a country you may not associate with a beach holiday as it is landlocked, Luxembourg. With various designated bathing areas, all of which passed the safety standards.

Malta is a close 3rd with 99% of its beaches passing the test, not a bad ratio at all when you consider the amount of beaches on such a small island.

4th is Croatia with 95% of its beaches considered clean. Three locations failed because of sewage levels!

Drawling a line under the top 5 is Greece, 93% f its beaches made the excellent grade of there were 5 that failed test, there are well over two thousand beaches in Greece so 5 failures isnt as bad as it seems.

Of other popular beach destinations, only Italy and Portugal made the top ten. Spain was 12th with 84% and the UK 14th with 79%.