New Towing Vehicles On Fleet: Toyota Rav4

We are constantly working to increase and improve the amount and quality of vehicles we have available for hire in the UK an beyond. tow car rental is especially scarce but we are steadily increasing our availability.

We are pleased to welcome a new Towing vehicle to our available fleet, the Toyota Rav4. We have great availability of these new vehicles in the south west of England in particular and depending on the length of rental, delivery can be arranged around the country.

Toyota Rav4 Towing Specs

  • Gross Train Weight – Total 3,865kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – Total 2,215kg
  • Maximum Trailer Weight – Braked 1,650kg
  • Maximum Trailer Weight – Unbraked 750kg

The Toyota Rav4 comes with a 13 point pin but can be adapted for a 7 point connection.

Whether you are towing a small to medium sized caravan, trailer, horse box or simply wanting to take a tow-bar mounted bike rack. The Toyota Rav4 will have you covered.

Other Benefits

When hiring with this particular supplier, our customers can also benefit from:

If you are looking to hire car for towing or indeed a Toyota Rav 4 specifically then please contact our team. You can call us on 0113 8800748, email or chat with us online. Our team are here to help.