What happens if you get a parking ticket in a rental car?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is What happens if you get a parking ticket in a rental car? It’s a relatively common issue, usually accidental, but thankfully the process is a lot more straightforward than it sounds.

What’s the process?

So as soon as you spot the parking notice on your windscreen, the authorities issue the fine to the actual rental company rather than yourself, such as Avis, Enterprise or Hertz etc. The supplier then sends you the parking fine directly to arrange payment. They will usually add an administration fee on top, this varies based on the exact supplier. This does sound a bit excessive at first glance, but the suppliers often have to employ entire teams dedicated to chasing up fines with customers, so it does make sense they would need a way to finance it.

How can I avoid / resolve the situation?

The only real way to avoid it is by paying close attention to where you park, but mistakes can and do happen and it’s easy to make a slip up without realising. The best way to resolve is to just pay the fine as soon as you get it to avoid any further issues. In most cases the fine is also reduced by 50% if you pay within 14 days. It’s a fairly similar situation with road toll charges too, though at least you can often rent a toll device to offset the admin fees.

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