Travelling to Suzuka For The Japanese Grand Prix?

On the 13th October Formula 1 returns for it’s annual visit to Japan for the Grand Prix hosted at Suzuka Circuit. Found in the last half of the season, the Japanese Grand Prix is the 17th race out of 21 in the calendar. As the season gets ever closer to the end, will Hamilton take his 6th world championship or will we have a new world champion? The figure of 8 layout that the Suzuka Circuit uses makes the track one of a kind on the F1 calendar. You certainly won’t want to miss all the action this October as the drivers fight to become world champion.

Closest Airport To Suzuka

Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO) – Chubu Airport is the only airport nearby to the circuit that hosts international flights. You may need to get a connecting flight to the Airport as some European countries do not fly direct.

Travelling To and From The Track


Once you have landed at Chubu Cenrtrair International Airport, you will need to get a train to Nagoya, this will set you back just under £10. Once in Nagoya you have 2 options either the limited express or the standard train. The difference between the 2 trains is the limited express takes 50 minutes, compared to the standard that takes 40 minutes to get to Shiroko station. The limited express costs around £13.00 for one way, whereas the standard train costs just over £6. Once you are at Shiroko Station you are required to use the shuttle bus service to the circuit which costs just under £7.50 for a return.

Using the slower train as an example, by adding all the prices up for one way it will cost you just over £23. If you double that to get your return price you are looking at a price just shy of £50. Now let’s assume you are travelling with 2 other people your total cost for train fares would be £150 if you just went to the circuit for the race day. If you plan to go to the circuit for Friday, Saturday & Sunday it will be cheaper to get a five-day pass, which will cost you just over £30 each. The five-day pass will cover the costs of all your train travel from Nagoya Station to Shiroko station. On top of that add another £22 for 3 shuttle bus return tickets and your total cost comes in at around £170.

Car Hire

Despite being slightly more expensive than the train, car hire should still be considered as an option. A car that will carry 3 people and luggage for 4 days will cost around £187 for a 3 day hire over the race weekend. This particular offer also includes a free GPS and free additional driver. The only other costs you will incur with car hire is the parking at the circuit and fuel. Parking usually costs under £8 for the full day, however this may change when F1 is on, so we recommend researching or contacting the circuit for prices. Main parking may become full but there are reserve car parks that charge at the same rate. Fuel will cost you around £40 to get you to and from the event.

One of the major benefits of hiring a car is that you can use the car to explore the wonderful areas that surround the circuit. The all-in price would be approximately £230, although it is more expensive, if you plan on visiting other areas while you are there it is definitely worth the extra money.
If you are travelling to Suzuka for the Grand Prix or Japan for any other reason, then we are here waiting to find you the hire car that best suits your needs. Contact us directly prior to making your booking and we will make sure you find the best package possible for you. Call us on 0113 88 00 748, chat with us online or email [email protected].