Long Term Car Rental for Under 25’s

Long Term Car Rental for Under 25’s

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer long term car rental and leases for under 25’s – something that was previously limited to 25+. So if you’re under 25 and struggling to deal with extortionate insurance rates or excessive young driver fees then look no further – Indigo Car Hire is the place for you!

What are the requirements?

The requirements for our leasing options are very lax compared to most suppliers, and there are very few differences if you are under 25. Here are the main requirements below:

  • Your licence must be clean, though exceptions can be made with minor speeding points etc.
  • You need to have held a licence for at least a year.
  • You need to be in employment for at least 2 years.
  • Your credit doesn’t affect anything – there are no credit checks.

There can also be exceptions made in certain circumstances, so feel free to contact us with any queries.

Common FAQ’s

Here are some of the most common FAQ’s we get below:

What are the rates and types of car available?

You can find most of the models we have and their rates on our leasing page here. We mostly work with VW and Skoda suppliers, however if you have any other specific requests feel free to check with us directly.

How long can I rent for?

The minimum lease period is 3 months, and then this can be extended indefinitely beyond this.

Is there a mileage limit?

Mileage is limited to 2000 miles per month.

Is there a credit check?

There are no credit checks, just straightforward address checks, which just checks if all of your details are linked to the same address.

What’s the minimum age?

The minimum age is 21, so anything above that is fine.

Is insurance included in the rental? 

Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the rental and is built into the rate. If you are looking for something without insurance though we may have other options available.

If you have any further questions at all, or want to take advantage of this offer, then just contact us directly on 0113 880 0748, or email us to sales@indigocarhire.co.uk.