Can Car Rental Companies Track Where You Are?

Can Car Rental Companies Track Where You Are?

The majority of car rental companies have trackers fitted to their cars and vans. The reason for this is so that the supplier can protect their fleet of vehicles and make sure there is no breach of the terms agreed.

Why Would A Car rental company want to track where you are?

Car rental companies use a tracking device because they need to protect themselves, an example of this would be if the driver does not return the vehicle. If a tracker is fitted to the car, they can easily locate the car, making it harder for the car to be stolen.

Another reason why car trackers are used is to make sure there is no illegal or unlawful use of the car. In the past rental cars have been known to be used in illegal acts. By having the car fitted with a tracker it will already deter anyone wishing to use the car illegally. Also, if something illegal does happen, the location of the car at that time can be vital evidence.

Finally, if you hire a car and it is prohibited to cross over an international border, the tracker can be used to ensure you abide by this. If you choose to cross over the border, the supplier will know, and you could end up in a lot of trouble with the supplier and maybe even local law enforcement. For this reason, make sure you arrange cross border car hire if you wish to travel across an international border.

Should this stop you from hiring a car?

To conclude, yes, the majority of suppliers will track their cars. However, this shouldn’t make a difference to you, as long as you are abiding by the law and the rental agreement. It is only in place to protect the supplier and in some cases could protect you.

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